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The Champions League is over tomorrow, so it’s time to concentrate on the World Cup!

If they could shoot soccer games up close and personal like in that commercial, I’d actually find soccer games interesting to watch. :smile:

Well the La Liga games tend to do that.  I guess they’re all new lenses or something, but they’re right in the player’s faces for critical moments.  You can see Ronaldo’s breathing just before he takes a free kick, for example.  You can see the keeper’s worry as he shouts orders, etc.

Here’s an example:

It’s hard to watch an entire game like that, though, since you want to see the entire field, not the individual players.  

If you have a few minutes to spare, and want to see what an entire match would look like if it were filmed from one player’s perspective, take a look at:

Zidane:  A 21st Century Portrait

video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 8021773770

It’s an entire match (Real Madrid - Villareal) but the cameras all just follow Zidane.  It’s really an accurate portrait.  He doesn’t speak, doesn’t interact with anybody at all during the whole match (well, other than high-fiving Beckham at one point and getting a red card at the end of the game).  

As someone who isn’t more than a casual soccer fan, I found this entertaining:

theunlikelyfan.blogspot.com/2010 … nd-im.html

What a great ad, Nike’s advertising agency certainly has figured out the concept of entertaining advertising.