Wow Cheap … the-cheap/

for a few hundred more you can get a benq that will do HDTV, I belong to lumenlabs, I bought there plans to build MY own DIY 100 inch projector, there forum is great and the support to do it is awsome, I just never had the time as my arcade cabnet took alot and now my baby takes more. the falling prices of a projector make its harder not to go the DIY route.
I did do a 600 x 800 projector that good for cartoons, but dont use it too much the lamp last 100 hrs for about 35 dollers. but it will do 10 feet across.

The beauty of the lumenlab projector that they are selling is that it uses a bulb that can be replaced for less than $50. Sure you could get a commercial projector on sale for about a $150 more than the Lumenlab, but when you go to replace the bulb you’re looking at hundreds of dollars.


I think astrothug hit the nail on the head. 100 hours = $35

Means 2000 hours = $600

Dell, benq , whoever

$400= 2000 Hours(and much better optics and color reproduction)

And 600:1 contrast ratio sucks like first gen LCD monitors.