World of Warcraft

Dude, I’m so totally enjoying it now. Some other guy/girl helped me with a quest, and I have lots of loot. And new shoes. And this lightening shit.

What class are you playing Mig? Druid?

Also, the game is fun throughout the entire level span… Like, at 60, Even though I no longer get exp, I still have a hella-fun time. I wish I was on a PvP server though, then I’d go ganking the pathetic horde.

I’m playing on spinebreaker, I think. I’m a Dark Elf Hunter. Just started today, so I’m a bit fuzzy. Just played with about 6 people doing a quest. You’ve never seen a bigger bunch of chickens! We all ran from a horde of monsters, it was like seeing who could run the fastest.

I think the group of 4 I was in once to go kill some spiders was far more pathetic heh :smile:

My copy arrived today :blush:

Nice, you guys should venture to Dragonmaw where me, alex and ilmer play. Or Mal’ganis is my Horde alt.

P.S. Horde 4 the Win. Kristoff

Pfft Court… your pathetic characters are no match for me… The almighty…

I’d make a horde char on dragonmaw and hunt you down.