World of Warcraft

Hey, did anybody buy World of Warcraft from NCIX? Or is there a copy for sale somewhere here in Rupert?

Just wondering if the NCIX “mini box” has the Mac version on the same CD.

I know the Amazon one does: … B000067FDW

If so, I’ll order it from NCIX.

I’ve been looking to get it, seems in Rupert, no where to get it. sold out everywhere… I still want to play but still no luck, Bought EQ2, good solid game. but i wanna do WoW.

I’m not 100% certain, but I’m almost sure that all copies of WoW are PC/Mac Hybrid. Blizzard’s site only advertises the one hybrid copy. Futureshop advertises their copies as PC/Mac, yet EBgames doesn’t. I think it’s safe to order, but if it turns out to not have the Mac OS version, sounds like Tim will buy it off you. If he won’t I would. … wdeptid=15 … Q2jyM=#wow

I so would :stuck_out_tongue: mig order it up :smiley:

Pretty much every game Blizzard has put out has been a PC/Mac hybrid, but I just wanted to check, as this is a DVD, isn’t it?

I’m going to order it now.

Ok, scratch that, I would order it, if it were in stock anywhere.

yeah my copy says it runs on pc or mac. i do remember hearing something about it being on a dvd somewhere, but my copy is on 4 cd’s. bought mine from EB games in PG, but that was the first day it came out, sounds like its pretty hard to come by now

Yup, can’t find it anywhere. Guess I’ll have to wait.

On a completely unrelated note… iPod mini’s are cute in Pink.

Indeed they are. Did you get a pink iPod mini KAO? My mother got one for her birthday, I ordered her the pink iskin… It fits better than the original one I bought for my own iPod, and it’s got grip and stuff too… . I recommen dyou get one to protect it from shock and scratches… that is, if you have an ipod mini.

They’re currently giving away tinted screen protectors for 1/2 price or something. I’d snag a couple of those too… they’re cool.

No, I didn’t get an iPod mini, but I played with one today. I might end up getting one if the tax man loves me this year.

i think the tax man is going to say ‘bend over’, this year.

The taxman should be good to me this year… I got more automatically taken off my cheque than last year, and last year I ended up with a $1500 return.

And I a $30,000 student LOC, $10K in student loans and EI… All of that is taxable, right?

Well, looks like I’m going to have to wait a bit longer to get World of Warcraft:

Too bad, 'cause it comes highly recommended from a cow-orker.

Heh, I first started trying to get WoW about 2 months ago. I actually gave up and decided I didn’t want to get into it… but I do, I really do…

This looks like a job for… Me.

WoW isn’t avaiable in a lot of places, New York City and whatnot are sold out aswell…

Essentially, Blizzard had way larger of a turnout than they planned, selling nearly 3x more copies than their intended goal… which for an MMO is really good. So, they cut shipping their products out briefly, until all the problems with the servers and the game itself are fixed.

Right now, there are server problems, some servers have a que that makes you wait 15-20 mins to login (sometimes more at peak hours)

Latency is the main problem though, you get too many people logging into one server.and there will be problems.

I think they opened up 44 new servers within 3 days of release, and are still trying to funnel people to those servers from the high populated servers.

I’m loving it though, far more than EQ… though I can never turn my back on EQ. EQ1 atleast.

At Futureshop, the only thing we’ve gotten in, in the last month, is the game cards, which are priced just barely more expensive than using credit card for 2 months (39.99 for 60 days)

As of now, the only places that I know for sure you can order them, are from Blizzards site directly, or ebay. But I recommend steering clear from Ebay, there have been a lot of problems with people buying copies there, and not getting a valid CD key, which means you don’t play.

Speaking of WoW though, I have a few hours before work. I am off to play. Tra la la la la.

Mig, co-worker recommended the game eh? Hmm…

There are a bunch of people from and in Rupert that play, just never knew any teachers were into it.

Its a lot more addictive than EQ, just because its a bit easier to level, so, you figure you can squeeze more Exping into one session and then before you know it, hours have flown by.

The best feature I’d have to say, is rested exp, while your logged off, your characters get exp for resting,… or, atleast the bar moves up, but the exp doesnt fill in. When you start killing again, you’ll get 200% exp a kill. So regardless of how much you play, your never going to be stuck on those hellish levels that take freakishly long times to complete.

I spent 5 hours looking around Edmonton for WoW last Wednesday but of course I turned up with nothing…

I then ordered a copy from Blizzard on Thursday and a few days later they were out of stock…

I am the Moon Master!

One copy of World of Warcraft here in Medicine Hat AB, if any wants it I can give you more info! I hear that it is hard to find and my fiance just purchased one, they still have a copy at the computer store here.

PS I used to live in PR and just trying to keep up on what’s happening there and just found this site.

Haida? Medicine Hat?