World Cup Draw

Another case in point re:  Ray Hudson.

Ibra scores, and he screams something about Them Apples, Ibracadabra, Barbara Walters crying, repaying dividends.  Starts about 45 seconds into the video.

Yes well that goal was worth more than the usual superlatives …

So MIG what do you think of the World Cup draw today?  Think Portugal will make it out of their group?  The Brazil - Portugal game should be one of the juiciest of the group stages.

Portugal and Brasil should be able to make it out of the group no problem.  The game between them will have half the Real Madrid lineup on the field :smile: 

I know the media wants to call one of the groups the “group of death” but this isn’t really it.

My father pointed out that if you replaced Ivory Coast with Hungary, you’d have a replay of the 1966 group.  Portugal played North Korea then too.

My money’s on Brasil (don’t tell my father).  Spain second choice, and then Portugal :smile:

Well of course you have probably figured out that I’m a German fan … my best buddies are English fans … and it is possible for Germany and England to meet in the final (or alas in the round of 16) …

And we all know Germany will win the whole shebang!

I know a lot of Portugal fans that were hoping to draw England’s group.  Portugal has this weird underdog power over England.  Sorta the same underestimated power the USA has over everybody else. 

Yes I don’t really see a true Group of Death this time around … and especially don’t see Ivory Coast in the same league as Brazil and Portugal (mind you Portugal will have to improve upon their performance in qualifying).