Woodside LNG moves to Environmental Assessment Stage

The Woodside LNG terminal planned for Grassy Point (30 Km north of Prince Rupert) has now moved beyond the exploratory stage and has moved to the environmental assessment stage. This is the last stage of the project before permitting and final investment decisions will be made. Some details about the project have been revealed as well:

-300 full-time operation jobs, 1000 to 6000 construction jobs (this is dependent on whether the terminal will be floating (1,000 jobs) or on-ground (6,000).
-access roads will be built to the south and east; no word/details yet on where those roads will come out (ie: connect to highway 16 or connect closer to City of PR, connect to digby island ect); potential is there to possible link Port Simpson with Prince Rupert, Metlakatla & Digby Island and is being explored.
-timeline is 2014-2017 (environmental assessment & engineering design), 2017-2021 (construction); 2021 (operation begins).

More info here: … point.html … 302077.pdf