Wood Pellet Stove

Looking at our heating bills and the age of our gas furnace, we have decided to get a new furnace.  We were looking at the option of a wood pellet stove. All research leans to them being highly productive,  But a big question is allergies,  My better half has allergies to wood burning stoves, however wood pellet stoves are meant to be low emmisions.  Has anyone with an allergy had experience with these wood pellet stoves? Can you recommend them or not for other reasons.

Thanks in advance.

my wife has alergies and asthma. pellet stove has been great for us . get a great heat from it. we are in the midst of big renos taking out the gas furnace , and use the pellet stove fully with a couple baseboard heaters in cooler areas. there is an option of a pellet furnace too where you put it in place of your gas furnace. or heat pump runs off your ducting and some models have air conditioning for those hot days

I had unlimited funds, and no worrys about “code” and all that crap, I’d go for an electric forced air furnace with a pellet stove for backup/ambience and electric heated floors.  :smiley: