Wondering what the schools are like in Prince Rupert?

i will be moving up this summer and was wondering what the schools are like up there i have two sons one will be going into grade 6 and one will be going into grade 1 we would also love to meet some other people  who have kids

There was a ranking of schools in BC recently, based on grades, success rate and things like that, I do believe. I don’t know exactly where to get that information, maybe somebody else in this forum knows, but I think that is a good place to start.

Thanks that gave me a good search idea and I did find out an Prince Rupert is rated higher then the town i grew up in so its all good lol

:smiley: anyone have kids in the elementary schools right now? do they have feild trips? are the teachers good? do they have a lunch program? hows the homework situation? thanks still would love to chat to some other moms  :wink:

This is a summary posted on another website (atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com)
The top Prince Rupert school according to the data compiled and reviewed is Westview, which scored a 5.7 out of a possible 10 in the rankings. The west side school which has a grade four enrollment of 21 was .8 ahead of Lax Keen which rated a 4.9 and 1.3 points ahead of Pineridge school with a 4.4. The city’s independent school Annunciation, was fourth on the list at 3.7 out of 10, while Conrad rated a 2.6, Kanata a 2.4 and Roosevelt a 2.3.

Seal Cove and Port Edward did not appear on the rankings list in this report, perhaps due to not meeting the class size criteria for grades four and seven. No explanation was provided in the report for their absence in the study.
Enrollment in Grade Four: 21
Ranking out of 10, 5.7
Overall ranking, 601 out of 984
Five year ranking Avg., 509 out of 877
ESL percentage, 8.2%
Special needs, 9.2%
French Immersion, 56.5%

LAX KEEN (Public)
Enrollment in Grade Four: 22
Ranking out of 10, 4.9
Overall ranking, 756 out of 984
Five year ranking Avg., 721 out of 877
ESL percentage, 21.8%
Special needs, 13.4%
French Immersion, 0

Enrollment in Grade Four: 18
Ranking out of 10, 4.4
Overall ranking, 822/984
Five year ranking Avg., 775 out of 877
ESL percentage, 24.2%
Special needs, 18.3%
French Immersion, 0

ANNUNCIATION (Independent)
Enrollment in Grade Four: 26
Ranking out of 10, 3.7
Overall ranking, 895 out of 984
Five year ranking Avg., 425 out of 877
ESL percentage, N/A
Special needs, N/A
French Immersion, 0

CONRAD (Public)
Enrollment in Grade Four: 22
Ranking out of 10, 2.6
Overall ranking, 955 out of 984
Five year ranking Avg., 827 out of 877
ESL percentage, 29.1%
Special needs, 11.6%
French Immersion, 0

KANATA (Public)
Enrollment in Grade Four: 26
Ranking out of 10, 2.4
Overall ranking, 959 out of 984
Five year ranking Avg., 849 out of 877
ESL percentage, 23.8%
Special needs, 9.3%
French Immersion, 0

Enrollment in Grade Four: 20
Ranking out of 10, 2.3
Overall ranking, 963 out of 984
Five year ranking Avg., 870 out of 877
ESL percentage, 50.8%
Special needs, 27.1%
French Immersion, 0

Well,from your other post looking for a rental house it looks like you want to move to the east side of town. There are 4 schools in that area. Conrad, Kanata, LaxKxeen and Seal Cove Elementary School.  Depending on where on the east side you ll ( can t get the apostrophe to work)end up living there are so called catchment areas which are supposed to ensure that children go to their neighborhood school.  If you don t like to send your children to that school in your area you ll have to apply for cross boundary to another school.  The school district only accepts those applications during March for the upcoming school year.  So if you move up here during the summer your catchment area  living close to Pigott Ave., that s where I live, would most likely get you into either Seal Cove or Conrad School.  I can t really comment on either as my daughter is in the French Immersion program which is at the other end of town.
Lunch programs, I believe,  are only available for children from low income families.

Haha! I had the apostrophe thing happen on my laptop and I couldn’t get the ? to work either. It seemed to fix itself?

wow you guys are awesome thank you so very much! again i see that people are very freindly around Rupert cant wait to get there  :smiley:

Perhaps checking out the school district’s website might be of help. You can find the individual school’s websites there as well:


By the way, the school board decided last night to postpone the vote to close any schools to March 2008

Well this is the podunk guy from the website mentioned, just keep in mind that the Fraser Institute rankings are not the definitive word in school rankings.

They take a one day snap shot of a schools performance on the provincial test, not the overall educational pattern of the school in question. Lots of different things to consider. From my understanding most of the schools try to do as good a job as they can with the funding they get.

And Seal Cove School and the one in Port Ed didn’t have the minimum amount of students in the class in question for a proper count I guess.

If you’re moving to the East Side you’ll probably be checking out Seal Cove, Kanata, Conrad or Lax Keen, I think Lax Keen has more special needs assistance there, if I’m not mistaken (and if I am somebody will correct me I’m sure) so if you need help that way that would be the choice.

Otherwise, most of the schools are your typical neighbourhood school…  All depends where you end up unpacking the moving van at the end of the day.   

Hah kanata only got ranked 2.4 out of 10?

Well when you move here move on the west side of town, east side is where more the bad side of town, no offence to people who live there. Plus youll be closer to Charles Hays Secondary School when your kids go to highschool. CHSS is newer and has more to give than PRSS from what i hear.

Kanata and Seal Cove may be getting closed too so take that into account.

The newest elementry school is
"Lax Kxeen"
I went to “King Edward” the old school for 3 years then went to Kanata for a year. Then went back to Lax Kxeen since King Ed was closed for another 4 years.
My personal opinion is Lax Kxeen.
It’s really nice inside. They have really good teachers. For grade 6 your son might get Mr. Wick who takes you to Smithers for a week for horse camp. Which is a good experience.
If you live in the Lax Kxeen school area, it will be not far to get to the highschool a few years later
"Charles Hays". The newest highschool.

  • And kevin the east side is nice, the kids on the westside are ghetto.

ha i meant that … east side but we do have a sorta ghetto area over here on the east side too, but those ghetto kids are harmless

I’m sure any school your child attends in this city will be perfect. This school district is full of wonderful caring people. I’m not sure we need to go sparating and singling out schools. We’ve all had our personal experiences, good and bad. But what I think we can all agree on is that Prince Rupert is a great place for kids to grow up.

The School District has a website which has a lot of information and links to school websites. Perhaps you’d like to check that out.


No, King Ed is clearly the best.

Conrad was pretty rockin when I went there.  :smiley:

I disagree. I think there are a couple of schools I would steer clear of, in terms of succes rate alone. And there are schools that offer different and in my opinion better classes and programs.