Womans Fastpitch League in PR?

Anyone know of a woman’s fast pitch league in prince rupert
I’ve heard that there is, but have no idea who to get a hold :S ?
If anyone has any info please reply, thanks

There is no fast pitch league in town at all. The only league that we have is a mixed slow pitch league.

If you need any info on that let me know and I can help you. I have been playing for the last 10 years.

There hasn’t been a woman’s fast pitch league in town since the early 1990’s :frowning:

There is however, the Kaien Island Mixed Slo-Pitch League, and this year’s season will begin the last week of April, or first week of May. We are always looking for new players, and new teams. If you want to get on a team, you can PM me your name and phone number, or you can join the Kaien Island SloPitch League Facebook group and leave a message there. Hope to see you out!

thanks for the info :smile: