Wolf picture from 1.5 away

Here is a young wolf that followed me in to the bush; I was able to get one picture at 1. 5 feet away.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Cool picture.
He’s looking at you hungrily, heh-heh. :smiley:

This is what the Wolf saw:


I’m kidding.

Yeah wolves aren’t really into BBQ. I figure they were more likely to see him like this:


Lovely meat outfits, lol, that would be a it stinky though :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, i would think it would be scary to get that close to a wolf, how do you even get that close in the first place?!?

Well one way to get htat close is to apply the urine of  dog that’s in heat. this will attract a wolf. i bet that’s what Astrothug is doing. lol.:wink:

Hi Guys, so here is the real story, the night I was taking pictures of this wolf, I had my trail camera with me, A trail cam is a camera that has a motion censer on it. so after the wolf ran away, I went in to the bush and placed the camera on a tree and left the area the wolf then went back to the area where I was at… and low and behold went to the tree and the trail cam did the rest…
So thats the story.

I have a few of these trail cams, there neat I can leave them out in the bush for about 20 days and can store thousands of pictures.

Wicked pic, dude.