Wolf on PR Blvd this morning

This wolf was wandering around out by the highway and Prince Rupert Boulevard:

Audio taken out so you don’t have to listen to futuregirl sing wolf-themed songs.

Fantastic video Mig…You must have been thrilled to be up so close and personal again !! I envy you, they are so beautiful, poor fella seemed almost lonely, wondering where his siblings were maybe?  :-D  I have to wonder, being from Ontario, we were always in awe of the giant timber wolves.  I used to visit friends on the outskirts of Guelph and watch them wander in their back 40 (the wolves,not my friends !!). They were not so accessible, in fact, we were quite fearful of those guys and I was wondering what the difference is in the breeds other than obviously the size, and why are they so “tame” here ?  Just curious…Now, I’m homesick… :cry:

Seemed quite interested in that Student Works painting sign, must want to get the den painted this summer I guess… :wink:

Now what time was worship service at anyways…

There was a wolf on PR Blvd this morning between the Daycare (by CHSS) and McD’s.  It wasn’t afraid of cars or me (pedestrian).  I got within 4 meters of it before I got into the nearby truck.

That must have been the same wolf I ran into this morning.  Same area of town.

Nice video, MiG:) 

What I gathered from an interview of Ian McAllister, author of Last of the Wild Wolves, is that the smaller coastal wolves are among the few healthy wolf populations in the world because they are not persecuted as they are elsewhere. In part this no doubt reflects aboriginal perspectives about wolves as one of the four major crests on the coast and an animal that people can easily live in harmony with, which is evidently the wolves’ preferred course of action as well.

Much of the fear of wolves and desire to eradicate them seems to have originated from European attitudes or myths that have little basis in fact. There have actually been very few cases in our history of wolves attacking people. Once while walking along a remote beach I almost literally ran into a pack of five wolves beachcombing in the opposite direction. I scurried out of the way, waved my arms and generally acted like an idiot, but they showed nothing other than mild curiosity.

Remoteness is also a factor but that should not be overstated. Wolves on this part of the coast have, if I recall, a lifespan of 15-20 years while in Alaska they live about 4-5 years. In many places there has been a notion, often enshrined in government policy, that wolves should be eradicated to protect deer populations (and in some places livestock) which has actually had negative consequences for biodiversity and other species, as the complete extermination and recent reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone Park has demonstrated.       

Thank you Creaking Door for all the information…I appreciate it…I love animals and for a time, many moons ago, was a member of Greenpeace and was given the priviledge to witness a seal hunt in Labrador. To hold a seal pup and to hear the cries from the mom is an experience that I will never forget as I think it should be. I am aware that Ontario has wolf hunt “vacation Packages” once or twice a year and it sickens me. I could stand on this soap box for eternity but I will spare all our members that. I, too, ran into a pack of wolves up Wantage Rd. about 4 years ago by the dynamite shack, I walked away at a regular pace, hyperventilating the whole time as they were following behind us and then came home amazed that I was so close to these beautiful animals.  I am concerned the ones that are wandering around our town will meet some horrible end .  If we could only continue to educate people to the reality of these wolves and alleviate the fear factor, we could watch in awe of them for a long time to come.  We can only hope !

Aww. It doesn’t feel right without music. I suggest the theme from “McCloud.”

Or perhaps Los Lobos, Lone Justice or Waylon Jennings with “will the wolf survive”

Thats the same wolf that appears in our backyard ( fence work in progress hoepfully soon!) Nice looking animal … had his eye a little too much on my puppy though!

Can 't blame him. Mmmm . . . puppy . . . !

MiG great video again,

can I post it on kaienislandwolves.com thanks

So what is the best thing to do if one meets one of these “town” wolves (as I did this morning) and you aren’t in a car?  They don’t seem scared of much.

chase him, wave your hands, throws rocks, sticks, but what ever you do don’t throw food at it like many Rupert people do. just because they look skinny, does not mean its starving…

if you are scarred don’t run, as wolves like to chase. just walk normally away from it.

No problem

thanks MiG

here is the link kaienislandwolves.com/?p=160

Wolf sightings…

More wolf sightings around town.  

Sighting down at Solly’s Pub…3 wolfs hanging around 1300 block Summit…(one was eating a cat)…Sighting down at Morsby Park…

what color cat?

I’m no expert on identifying wolves or anything, but the wolf in MiG’s video looked remarkably like the wolf I saw this morning crossing the street from the new Customs office on George Hills Way to the bushes by Coastal Propane.