Wolf on 9th West and Comox

Large wolf has been spotted several times in the hood. Neighbour took a camera out this morning and got a pic, he wasn’t worried at all about her being there. Lady above on Omineica said she saw him at 7:30 when she went out with her small dog. Guy on 9th watched him chase down a feral cat and disappear at the junction of 9th/Comox. Also lots of night howling coming from the golf course - partner tells me that is a hunting howl but i don’t speak wolf! Anyway, heads up to those with small pets in the area - walk your dog on a leash or at the very least be aware of where you are and perhaps keep your cat indoors.

Yup, it’s about the right time of year for wolves to start making themselves seen. There is very often a pack of them near the golf course.

Talking to the neighbours and there is more than one wolf. On 9th W it appears to be entirely different than the wolf on Comox. Are these loners who have been kicked out of the pack due to illness or are they scouts? None the less, not enjoying walking the dog right now - he is full appetizer size!

With our deer problem there is litterally thousands of wolves out there and many more close to town than you think, they only do good .

For one they take care of problems that humans are unable to do, because of others thinking its cruel.

I got nothing against wolves. They were here before we were. I’m curious though, what deer problem are you referring to?

Some folks have a problem with all the dear cruising around town - they nibble gardens and apparently attract the wolves into town. I have to say I think they’re quite lovely myself - even though they did eat half the flowers I was growing for my sister’s wedding the day before the ceremony. :smile:

Golf course today in Prince Rupert. Great pictures. These wolves greeted us three weeks ago and I did not have a camera. It took me until today to get them to greet us again. My dog Tom is far larger than the three wolves so there did not seem to be a problem. They followed us for at least 30 minutes and I did get some video footage. It was a moment I will never forget.

can I repost your photos on kaienislandwolves.com, I watched the interaction this morning from my house, the one wolf closes to your dog is a pup from last year, the other two look a bit larger, this pack has seen the alphas change. we have had many close encounters with the younger wolves who just seem to be more curious then anything…

also I photos of the new pregnant Alpha female, who is closer to the den site, these younger wolves are looking for easy pray, I would not recomend putting your pet into Danger,

Great photos.

Thank you for sharing your amazing experience. I am glad to hear that your dog was not harmed.

I live a couple blocks away and I walk the golf course but have never seen a wolf - astounding pictures. I wish i could post them on my facebook for people to see as no one would believe me. Wow, what a experience! Thanks so much for sharing these super shots, you must have been so excited!

There are some more of these great photos on Facebook," Deepspring Charters" page, check them out…

Here are a few more photos from the golf course. Astro you can use the pictures for
the kaienislandwolves.com page if you want. Thanks

[quote=“deepspring”]Here are a few more photos from the golf course. Astro you can use the pictures for
the kaienislandwolves.com page if you want. Thanks[/quote]

thanks so much deepspring, and yes they are great photos that I hope will dispence that all wolves will kill anything and everything in site, as long as one keeps there wits about them and not show fear, you should be fine.

Looking at these photos you can see by their demeanour that they are not alphas, but they are well fed and not starving, look at the photos and you will see the wolves being submissive, tails tucked in-between legs, laying down and just being curious.
But again we need to be cautious when dealing and being close to wild animals, as someone who takes wildlife photos; I watch and observe the animals before getting close. One needs a healthily understanding of the subject they are shooting.

Again thanks for the great photos and I have posted to kaien island wolves, and will credit you for the photos.