Wireless or cable internet in Rupert

Moving home soon and was wondering what internet services there  might be in Rupert.  I noticed that Rupert does not get cable inter net.  I am trying to avoid paying line rental as I have “skype” and it would just be a waste of money to have a land line.  Any recomendations?

Good luck getting Intertron access in Rupert without a phone line.

Can’t say that was at all helpful.

Maybe someone can tell me what options there are for internet in Rupert?


we’ll theres Citywest… Citywest and Wait! Citywest…

Might have cable there now not sure were runnin the lines awhile bacl

I’ve got full ADSL from Citywest and I’m happy with it.  I understand they’re bringing in fiber from Terrace, so I guess we’ll have a fatter pipe at some point.

Does Creative still sell dialup service?

thanks people that helps a bit. I looked at the cable internet for the area and noticed that Rupert has been left off the list.  Does anyone know if there are plans in the future to remedy this problem?

Yes, I think so.  Once the fiber optic link between Terrace and Rupert is in place you will have the choice between cable and ADSL.

As far as I know there are no plans to bring cable internet to Prince Rupert.  I think rather the focus will be on digital cable services for video - and not data.  As well why would one CityWest division want to compete with another division?  The focus may be on selling bundle packages of telephone, ADSL, and cable.

I had Citywest/Monarch for years and it sucked since the day I got it.  My friend switched over to Telus ADSL a few months ago and has had nothing but good luck with it. 

I’ve had Citytel/Citywest since the mid-late 90’s (whenever it was that ADSL service was first offered here), and couldn’t be happier.

Forgot to mention, I was using cable, not ADSL.  They didn’t offer ADSL here.

On my home computer with nothing else running, I’d do a speed test and usually see 700kbps down and around 400kbps up.  Monarch claims some 3mbps down.  I was the second person in my area to get cable, too, so it’s not like it was bogged when I was doing speed tests.

HTMF is, and always has been, running on a Citywest ADSL line.  The original kind… really old tech now :wink:

HTMF is, and always has been, running on a Citywest ADSL line.  The original kind… really old tech now :wink:[/quote]

Really old? Does it go uphill… both ways? :wink: