Wireless help

My niece has a new laptop ( Windows) and it has a wireless card in it.  She bought a wireless router, tried it at home and her computer worked fine.  She moved to start university, sets up the router and the computer doesn’t pick up the signal.  Her router is fine because my laptop picked up her signal right away.  Now her wireless LED wasn’t lit so I checked the switch.  It was on.  I tried restarting, and going through the set up again but nothing happened.  The LED never lit up.  Could it be something as simple as a broken switch?  Her switch is a slider on/off ( not a button like mine).

She can still go on the internet by plugging the ethernet cable to her computer so her router and connection work fine. 

Any ideas, suggestions that I can forward to her? 

If it’s not something silly like wireless being disabled in Windows, its gotta be the switch. Take it back…

I think on most cards, that light isn’t directly connected to the switch. The switch is connected to the wireless chip, tells the chip that you want your antenna turned on, and the chip activates the light in return. So if your card goes belly-up, or the driver eats shit, or isn’t loaded or something, the light won’t go on.

Check to see if the wireless card connects to other places.

To see if it’s a windows or driver problem, try booting with a linux livecd. 

If she’s at university, there are probably dozens of wireless access points around (libraries etc). You can use one of those for the troubleshooting that MiG suggested.