Wireless card?

I need a wireless card for my desktop to take advantage of the free internet provided by my deeeeeluxe apartment, a guy I was told to talk to about it recommended a D-Link card, where’s the best(ie. cheapest) spot to buy and get one installed here in the Rupe?

Cheapest:  probably ncix.com (they’re in Vancouver)  Are you able to install the card yourself? 
Sounds like a good do-it-yourself project. 

I can barely install programs from a CD…so I’d probablt have to take it somewhere here.

I recently installed a couple of these in clients’ machines:


Cheap and they work nicely.  The antenna isn’t on the card, so it has better range than the D-Link ones where the antenna is stuck behind the PC case.

If you can’t set it up yourself, print that page and bring it down to Goodbytes (across from Tim Horton’s).  They can order a similar one and install it for you.