Winter Sports

So what sports do we do in the winter months?  I noticed some time ago that there was rugby played here,  is that still going on or does it start up again soon?

Rugby is played in the spring and summer here.

Ice hockey, floor hockey, flag football, curling, basketball, volleyball, bowling, figure skating, snowboarding, skiing and a few more are played here in the fall and winter. 

So smartass,  how did the hockey tournament go?
Was there a banquet on Saturday night?  I used to help cook the food.  Man that was good stuff.  Always lots of crab, shrimp, salmon and usually some other fish, ribs and all kinds of salads.  Players from out of town always loved the banquet.  I mean, you can’t go wrong with all you can eat seafood ( good seafood!) for about $15. 
So, from what you said in the other thread, they included a women’s division in the tournament.  Good news.  And I’m sure it made the dance after the banquet more interesting  :smile:

hahaha yeah the dance wasn’t a total sausage fest this year… the guys were pretty stoked about that.  The tournament went pretty good, with 2 divisions of mens teams (7 in total) and one division of 4 ladies teams.  The guys from Stewart wussed out and left early sunday though, they were scheduled to play the Rupert A team at 2pm, so a few of us women mixed it up a bit and played some puck with them instead.

The dinner was awesome… there was TONS of food.  Crab, shrimp, salmon, roast beef, ham, turkey, salads, pastas, and of course dessert.  There was so much of it at dinner that the guys set up a couple of tables on sunday over by the zamboni with the leftover food, and everyone had some more.

Our ladies team went 2-0 with perfect 10 scores in each of our first 2 games, but fell on sunday and lost to Kitimat in a really physical game.  It was great to finally be able to play against a team that played physical compared to the peewee and bantam teams we usually tower over (ok it’s just me that towers over them.) 

All in all the weekend was a success… our jello shooters went over really well, the girls had a fun time running the banquet bar, and the hockey wasn’t that bad either :smiley:  We also sold out of the “Smell My Bag” t-shirts in record time.  :smiley: