Windoze Problems to Note

Just found out Office Outlook 2010 & 2016 no longer work with GMail. Password/Server errors. Most people here have accounts, hosted by GMail.
The default Mail program in Win10 works fine but not OutHouse.

Also discovered that the right-click SendTo - Mail Recipient doesn’t seem to work with the built in Mail client. Gives a file association error and Mail isn’t in the list. Had to teach the guy how to attach files like normal ppl do.

Just learned this last week, I loathed OutHouse and used Thunderbird for years - for the last 8 or so years I only use webmail.

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Outlook really is a piece of crap. I have a copy of M$ office 2019 that I bought for my 19 year old’s Windoze laptop(she also has a Macbook Air which she mostly uses). I also became frustrated trying to set-up gmail on Outhouse(what in the actual f^&k). Google flags outlook as an insecure mail client. :slight_smile:
I also used Thunderbird for years and have used webmail exclusively for quite a while.

I use for my personal gmail, on both my phone and Mac.

And I use Outlook for iOS for work e-mail, and I’ve been messing with for the Mac as well.

The client in macOS is good for most things as well, as is the iOS mail app. But I like to use third-party ones and keep my work and home worlds separate (ie: no notifications on work e-mail).

Spark for Windows: Best Email App for Windows | Spark works on Windows as well.

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Used to have OutHouse on the office computer, mainly because everyone else used that and I had to know it. I used Tbird to look at mail for me & my dept. Gmail web for personal stuff.
Back in the day you could not change Outlook settings and expect it to work, you had to shut it down and restart or delete & reinstall the account if anything changed at all.
Another guy today, using a Win98 era invoicing program where “EMAIL TO” no longer worked.Worse, it was a database with no way to save an invoice AS. He printed them out.
And his new printer didn’t work. His new 2011 printer that had sat in storage until nozzles were mummified. Then the guy tried to bring out his old one and have me “FIX” it… yeah as if.
So it took 3 hour lesson to find an export as pdf button on his program, show him how to make an INVOICES folder in Documents, export to, open his mail and do an attachment. Yet another who’s owned a Windoze computer for over 2 decades running a business and learned nothing at all about how you use it.
Just like every accounting graduate from the local college.
Sent him off to buy a laser printer and a spare toner at the same time.

I don’t know why people don’t use webmail for their personal stuff. Even the Roundcube on my Cpanel mail works perfectly has all the needed functions. So does Gmail and Hotmail and (I found an old biddie stuck in 1998 that still uses it) Yahoo

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Took the HP MFP130 that’s been in the box in my closet since the summer before last and decided to set it up.
TWO DAYS it took, finding, downloading drivers that won’t work until you open an HP account and then still don’t. Rebooting printer, PC, uninstalling, reinstalling ‘device not found’. Wifi direct printer option not showing up in Win10, printer works but not scanner. Plugged in USB and reinstalled. scanner still no workee… finally for mad and ripped the plug from the wall.
I was about to pack it in when I tried one more time. Plugged it in, turned it on, started the PC and surprise - it all set up just fine.
Clicked over to my Rasperry Pi and OMG there it was, I didn’t do anything. Found it upon startup. Don’t have anything that will scan thru the wireless IP connection though.
And just to piss myself off more, fired up that Mac Mini and there it was. Dindoo Nuffin.
aaaggghhhh! WinDoh’s.

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