Windows XP

Hey people don’t you find that Windows XP is more crapy than Windows 98? I mean i love Windows 98. I think that Windows XP is much more crapy!

sorry guy. Windows 98 barely qualifies as an operating system.
My old Amiga locked up less often, and it’s OS came free with the computer.

I disagree about Windows 98.
I personally find Windows 2000 to outperform Windows XP though. Although it just may be the amount of bugs Windows XP has shown on this computer that has lead me to believe that.

I prefer Win2k Pro to XP or 98.

It pisses me off that the dude in “Wild Wild West” (the Will Smith one) has an automatic wheelchair.

i too like win 2k alot better…

Yeah Windows 98 and Windows ME are the same thing to me. I have been using XP since the Whistler pre-release builds were floating around the web. Before that I used Win2k Pro and loved it. You can’t really compare an NT based Windows OS to something like Windows 95/98/ME. XP and 2K win.

I use 2000 on all the serious computers, but I have XP Pro on a couple and haven’t found anything to complain about. XP home seems to get slower and slower…

I usually re-clone or format every month or so, but I have been using this install since I put the board in… probably around January 5th and it still runs great. You just need to be aware that Kazaa and shit like that infects your computer with all sorts of crap, and how to fix em if it happens. I wont ever go back to a pre-XP OS. I ran my servers on 2K for a bit, then put them on XP Pro and only had one crash during the 2 years I was doing it. You can’t really blame an OS for crashing when a cheap stick of RAM dies, or your overclocked GPU or CPU overheats… Windows XP has NEVER crashed on me by fault of its own.

I have an old P3 450 in the office that put the XP Pro hack in when it came out. It took SP1 and it’s run flawlessly for over 16 mos. Never crashed once.
It sits with 1 side open and I can connect a cust’s HDD to network backup & stuff.

Tech from another outfit advised a customer that XP Pro was no good and kept them on W2000 for years. Nothing wrong with that except quoting them on new factory computers where you had to remove XP and install 2000 cost quite a few sales…

WinXP runs like a charm… if you know what to turn off, what to tweak, and what not to do. Like… install anything, uninstall anything, surf anywhere, and check email. As the complexity of the OS goes up, so does the possibility of things to go wrong. Case in point: disconnect an ABS sensor on a modern car and watch your dashboard light up like a Christmas tree.

So… for the average PC user (ie: most people too busy to RTFM), a little much.

SP2 looks like MS will finally lock the boxen down… but not to a point where in interferes with functionality and the income of tech-people everywhere. Then again, you’d have to turn the internet off for that to happen. :laughing:

For power users, no one I know IT-wise prefers anything but XP on a Win boxen. All the 2kPro standouts have jumped the boat in the last few months.

Only reason to not go to 2kPro was legacy concerns… so unless you have DOS software XP is a pretty safe bet. Even with Window Blinds crashing the desktop every week.

Now where did my copy of Jane’s Tactical Fighters go?