Windows XP defrag problem

Hi all.

I have a rather old computer (I think it’s about 4-5 years old) and I’m trying to defrag the main hard drive.  The problem is, it only defrags up to 25% and then stops, saying that it can’t do any more.  I’ve even tried running defrag in safe mode, but it didn’t work.  Any advice?

Any reason to defrag it?  It’s not really a necessary procedure anymore (not since the 90s).

Is there something wrong with it?  If it’s really slow, you may want to just consider formatting and reinstalling Windows, then upgrading to SP3.

There may be something physically wrong with the drive, you might want to run something like SpinRite on it.

Yeah, it’s basically going really slow.  I don’t want to reformat if I can get away with it.  I’ve gone through MSConfig and disabled a bunch of stuff that I didn’t want running on startup as well as moving stuff to a new external drive I bought and uninstalling old software.  It helped, but not as much as I had hoped.

BTW: if I were to reinstall, I found out that the Win XP installation files are on a special partition of my hard drive.  How would I go about accessing it?

Use AUSlogic defrag. Here’s a link off my server

may not be the latest version.

After you run it start a CMD prompt and enter

chkdsk /r

that’s the ‘scandisk’ that will  run next time you boot (say YES run next boot), take a real long time, and fix or warn of harddisk errors