Windows 11 Minimum Requirements

I’m running Windows 10 Pro on two Dell Lattitudes. The units have somewhat decent specs: 3.4 GHz i7 CPUs, 16 GB RAM, and SSDs. Unfortunately they don’t meet the minimum system specs for Windows 11; they don’t have TPM 2.0. Meh. I’ll continue with Windows 10 and move the units to Linux when they’re no longer supported by Microsoft…

Try it anyways, it’s a suggested spec. Can’t believe they’d disqualify the bulk of potential users when the final release is out.

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Yes I found that hard to fathom too. I think it’s the lack of the particular version of secure boot (TPM 2.0) that’s the deal breaker. I downloaded and ran the Microsoft PC Health app on my Win 10 units and it determined that 11 won’t work.

Fuck Microsoft. Try TwisterOS …

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I’m going to throw Debian 10 on one of the laptops.

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So the Mac has had a version of this TPM stuff back 15-16 years ago. It only allowed approved firmware to be used, and therefore only on approved hardware and OSes. But it could just be turned off.

Now Apple uses something they call Secure Boot, which does pretty much the same thing. You can even have it lock down the system folders on your Mac, or refuse to boot an unsigned OS, etc. Heck, you can even lock down the OS so you can’t install Apps that aren’t signed.

But again, you can just turn all this off. Then you can install whatever you want, but you’ll be responsible for it, not Apple.

I’m sure when Windows 11 ships, there will be a way to just turn TPM off.

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Yeah that would be nice. For now I will run Linux and or Windows 10 on my un-supported hardware (all of my stuff will not run 11). Thankfully Windows 10 is supported until October 2025.

That’s how I am feeling today after ascertaining that none of my hardware will run Windows 11. In 2025 I will move my stuff over to Linux exclusively when it’s unsupported. If I buy new hardware in 2025 it’ll be Mac hardware or units that will support Linux. Fuck M$.

Been playing with the Pi lots, one Linux after another. Rocky is out now too!
Modded RaspberryOS and Ubuntu to look like Catalina, and found Twister as my fave. Just click the theme, already done.
Gonna use BerryBoot and place all of them on an SSD instead of a collection of SD cards and USB stix.
i"m sure there will be a Pi version of ARM Big Sur soon.

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My 18 year old is leaving for university in September. Now that M$ is being a dick about hardware specs I will definitely not be buying her a Windows unit. She’ll be getting a Macbook Pro laptop. More money for Apple.

Get the new M1 MacBook Air. If you need Education pricing, I can send you a link :slight_smile:

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Thanks MiG! She has her eye on the macbook Pro 16 inch, but, I like what I’ve read about the new blazing fast M1 chip.

Thanks MiG! Had a chat with my 18 year old and she’s opting for the space grey MacBook Air. At your convenience can you please post the link to educational pricing?

Found the educational pricing link. Ordered the space grey Macbook air with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of storage. Also got apple care, some patch cables, and Apple threw in free airpods. Great deal I think. Going to head to our local printing store this week to pick out a nice laser printer. Thanks for the recommendation, MiG! :slight_smile: