Wind beneath my wings...gone

Air Canada has announced that flights from January 23rd onwards to and from Prince Rupert have been suspended…(they aren’t even giving back my seat selection fee).
So how does if feel to be a bargaining chip between a major corporation and Canada’s newly announced Transportation minister Prince Rupert?

Yes. I know a young man who is now going to be unemployed as a result of this. Bad news indeed.

This really sucks. Happening in Eastern Canada too. I have friends in Labrador (and even St. John’s), and they’re all losing flights.

It would be wonderful if a competitor sets up shop on the North Coast. West Jet?

This is only temporary move by AC, they did the same last year when demand was low. I highly doubt you will see WestJet here as it would cut into their revenue from their Terrace flights. Those flights are usually at or near full capacity and those are Q400 planes not the Q300 that fly here with AC.

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Yes. Thankfully the move is temporary. I acknowledge and am mindful that AC is struggling as are many businesses. However, it is a serious move to isolate a community. PR residents can of course make the trek to Terrace for flights, but, in the winter months this is costly and risky. The move by AC does nothing to foster customer loyalty. I don’t like this move at all.

Is the move temporary? Indications in some areas suggest not necessarily.
I literally booked a flight two hours before the announcement: projected cash cost…over a thousand dollars. Two flights a day were being offered on the day I chose: one a.m., one p.m.
I booked a rewards redemption instead.

  1. if they needed to reduce capacity why offer two flights? 2) the increased fee moves the cost of a flight beyond the realistic reach of many.
    Apparently there are thousands of customers still awaiting full refunds for trips from the previous shut down that haven’t received them.
    As public relations for a company this doesn’t seem to ‘fly’…’we’re all in this together…except our company profit is more important?’.
    By the way: at around the same time 1700 jobs were reduced…as well as the routes.
    As for WestJet entering the market: I believe it is in the position of being acquired and taken private…so I would conjecture expansion plans may not be immediately in the works.
    Isn’t it fun being a bargaining chip?

When were you flying because right now we only have had only 1 flight a day 6 days a week.

I was in fact very surprised by the apparent increase in capacity…it was for a mid February flight.
Can you confirm your source for saying this is a temporary move: it would be comforting to know as a fact.

I’m not so optimistic as to think this is temporary. AC has wanted to dump this route many times in our history. It was my understanding that they only stuck around because they had to… because the government was making them service these smaller routes. We’ll see how this all shakes out on the other side of COVID

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Here you go

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Thank you for the information.

I see Prince Rupert ( along with the other smaller routes in Canada) between Air Canada’s ’ thumb’ and the Federal govt.


Having had the chance to re-read the YPR letter I feel less secure in its’ promises.

First, can we drop the the COVID-19 pretext? The issue is profitability. If it were truly about COVID would A/C still be flying to Terrace?Would Air Canada still be offering sun vacations to those COVID free destinations (with incentives): Phoenix, Fort Meyers, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach?..travelling through COVID sparse hub cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal.

So, if we look at things from a profitability perspective the YPR letter might be saying: when and if we (Air Canada) foresee a potential return to profitability on the route we might return in the second quarter. Disappointing but understandable from a corporation geared for profitability. The YPR letter does not quote an Air Canada source directly. I think the hallmark of a good corporation is that it can balance customer need with corporate wants.

Two other points:
Negotiations have been underway for ‘bail out’ money for the industry for some time. In fact, as of December airlines have received 1.4 billion in wage subsidies; airports have been promised over 900 million in support as part of a bailout. The sticking point in negotiations appears to be how the money will be spent: Air Canada is not willing to refund fully holders of previously cancelled flights first - profit over customers? Considering Air Canada’s move to cancel routes as an apparent negotiating tactic my original question remains “how does it feel to be a bargaining chip Prince Rupert?”
What is it with all the levees we’ve had imposed: is this due to greenhouse warming? Is Digby Island Airport in imminent danger of flooding is that why?

WestJet has also suspended flights across the Country in the last 10 months.

Both AC and WJ have reduced flights out of Terrace. From what I have heard the demand is still there with travellers from Terrace, Kitimat, Rupert and up Smithers way. Regardless though we will just have to wait and see what happens.