Will the Liberals take a bit more of your green, in pursuit of a green agenda?

You may want to try and figure out that new pay at the pump procedure at your local gas station before two o’clock today, and top up your tank while you’re there. It’s Budget Day in BC and many pundits suspect that with the delivery of the Campbell governments new financial plan this afternoon, your cost for a litre of gas is about to go up.

Green is the colour of the day today for British Columbians, as Finance Minister Carole Taylor dons her green shoes and delivers what many expect will be the Provincial Governments “Greenprintâ€

and whens the next election? :wink:

2009 I think :smile:

Ahh…we are fortunate that we have many opportunities over the coming year to engange in the democratic process.

The Federal budget is coming out next week - we shall see if that will trigger a Federal election.

November 2008 is the next Municipal election - just 4 short months after we all get to pay our property taxes.

For those with status, there are several Band Council elections upcoming (and some recently passed).

And to answer the above question - the Provincial election is in May 2009.

And of course non-profit societies hold annual general meetings for their own internal elections - Prince Rupert Special Events had theirs last night.

Truthfully I’m more concerned that the pussy ass liberals arent going to call an election over the crime bill (fuck mandatory minimums what a stupid fucking idea). 

How about the north american union er sorry “security and prosperity plan”.  I’m not usually a very politically active person but our governments sure are taking us for a ride lately and I’m getting pretty enraged.

Truthfully I’m more concerned that the [snip] liberals arent going to call an election over the crime bill   [/quote]

Did you see how the libs made a big deal over not doing anything? Rather than sitting on their thumbs through yet another vote, they actually - en masse - left the chamber before the vote.

About bloody time - I hope you and MANY others feel the same. If you are not outraged you are not paying attention!!!

We can fire all the judges, prosecuters, lawyers, etc.
Justice can work like the McDonalds menu board.