Will Steve Smith find some choppy waters on the way to the BC Ferries board?

“we have had business people in the past from various communities sitting on our board. So, clearly, we don’t see it as a conflict of interest.”-- BC Ferries public affairs VP Mark Stefanson , reacting to questions over potential areas of conflict of interest over the appointment of a familiar name on the North Coast to the BC Ferries Board of Directors.

The February 20th announcement that Steve Smith, the local hotelier and long time proponent of tourism on the North Coast has been appointed to the Board of Directors of BC Ferries, has popped up on the radar of at least one media service in the province…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 8067455924 )-

Is it true that the Smith recently donated a bunch of money to a Liberal ad campaign?  Or is that just idle gossip?

Hadn’t heard anything about that, but then I don’t hang out in the circles of power around here.

Just wondering though are donations to political parties recorded publicly in any way?  I myself don’t know as I don’t contribute, as it only encourages the rascals…  :imp:

At any rate, that would certainly make for an interesting tidbit for an enterrpising reporter for any news operations that are still inclined to report actual news these days.

Elections BC make campaign donations public but as far as I am aware you can make donations to the party without a peep.

The rumour I’ve heard (please correct me if anyone knows more) is that The Crest helped pay for recent VoteSmartBC ads.

The Crest Hotel propping up right wing political agendas???
My god is nothing sacred???