Will Petronas pull the plug in March 2016? Was Grant's prediction true?


Mr. White…We are on the same page, I think…I don’t mind talking LNG…I have written dozens of LNG articles, and to be frank, …MY LNG predictions, forecasting, the glut, Japan restarting nuclear power…To be frank The Straight Goods has been the most accurate LNG forecaster in all of Canada…I wrote this last August/2015…


Renewable power is going gangbusters…Japan not bending over anymore, …big energy killed their own golden goose by flooding the market with LNG(gas)…LNG is not easy to store,LNG has to be sold…no big energy company is shutting down their operation so other energy companies can prosper…

The people on this forum(some)…have insulted me, way off topic…one poster went through my archives and tee hee,ed me over predicting the NDP DIX win…so did everyone else…and yet no one quotes me on being the first in Canada to predict a Justin Trudeau crushing vistory…predicted it almost a month before the federal election…


PLA keeps asking why I called Mr Kristoff a racist…listen to this, all of it and you tell…“Those kind of people”


LNG jobs were so exaggerated by the BC Liberals…Revenue forecasting too, …BC Liberals lied bigtime on LNG…

Petronas is already gone…the project is uneconomical and…

Trudeau caved on Site C…The reason?..Because the Feds are nixing Petronas, …The feds, if they give a federal nod it will be riddled with so many conditions Petronas will walk,

even with no conditions…Petronas is walking away…the project is uneconomical…and the bigger picture…Cheap renewable power is everywhere…including this…

Paper-thin printed solar cells could provide power for 1.3 billion people


LNG will never be a bridge fuel…Countries are balking at spending $billions on gas, because, after $billions and billions spent on LNG…countries will have nothing to show for it…investment in renewable power is leaving fossil fuels in the dust, and that is a fact…

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Soooo… how’s this racist?

Try harder, I thought you’re very good at writing huge Gaddafi-style ramblings. I don’t think you’ll ever escape this question. lol



85 Gas Projects Dying on the Vine as LNG’s Promise Falls Short

Market only needs 5 percent of planned export projects: IHS
More than half of U.S. terminals may never be built: Fitch

Five years ago, energy companies hungry for the next big thing started planning as many as 90 terminals to send natural gas around the globe.
Now, it seems the world only needs five more.
Consulting firm IHS Inc. says only one in every 20 projects planned are actually necessary by 2025 as weakening Asia economies, cheap coal, the return of nuclear power in Japan and the ever-expanding glut of shale supply in North America temper demand for the power-plant fuel, putting tens of billions of dollars worth of export projects at risk.
Barring an unusually cold winter in Asia, global LNG supply will outstrip demand by next year, said Trevor Sikorski, an analyst at Energy Aspects Ltd. in London. Seven new plants in Australia will flood the market over the next two years. Cheniere Energy Inc. is planning the startup of its Sabine Pass terminal in Louisiana this quarter.
“The global LNG industry now resembles a game of ‘musical chairs’ with far more projects than the market can absorb,” said James Taverner, an IHS analyst in Tokyo. “There is a very narrow window of opportunity for new projects that want to take final investment decision by 2020.

North America

More than half of the 38 terminals proposed for the contiguous U.S. may never be built, according to Fitch Ratings Inc. and the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit research group. Besides Cheniere’s Sabine Pass, projects in development include Freeport LNG Development LP’s terminal in Texas, Dominion Inc.’s Cove Point in Maryland and the joint Lake Charles LNG venture in Louisiana between Energy Transfer Equity LP and BG Group Plc.

Twenty more terminals are planned for Canada, according to Energy Aspects, including the Kitimat project proposed by Chevron Corp. and Woodside Petroleum Ltd. in British Columbia. The higher costs associated with projects there, in part because of environmental opposition, makes it even less likely that they’ll be built, Jeffrey Currie, head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York, said in a Sept. 24 interview.
This deluge of North American gas exports was once seen as displacing some foreign supplies linked to the price of oil. Then the oil market crashed and crude lost half its value, and now that gas from abroad is looking cheap.
The pace of project postponements will pick up as the supply glut expands, Noel Tomnay, head of global gas and LNG research at Wood Mackenzie in Edinburgh, said in a Sept. 3 report. Development of even half of the capacity may keep the Asian market oversupplied through 2025, he said.
Australia’s Gas
While the U.S. LNG projects already under construction will probably come to fruition, any supply not already contracted will be difficult to find a home for, particularly in Asia where Australian gas is easy to come by, Currie said.


Das boot…Gas boot…in other words…BC’s LNG ship has sailed away…




I am so so sorry HTMFers. This thread is all on me. I am the one who insulted him by going way off topic by asking the simple question

To which you replied “go fyck yourself”.

And for the last eight months you have been posting link after link about LNG not happening as if this will somehow compensate for some perceived slight. Thin skinned much. If you are going to make predictions with absolute surety then be prepared for some blowback when you are wrong.

Anyway, HTFMers I apologize. Here I was trying to see what other people thought about the possibility of Petronas building and what I got was another handful of links from the one guy whose opinion is already known.

Oh and by the way Grant I don’t see any comment on the other thread about my 39 month old prediction of disappointments (no LNG for one) and scandals (health firings for one) yet another majority government for the Liberals in 2017. What’s your prediction or are you waiting for the polling to begin.



Your hate for the BC LIBERALS has skewed your brain. Maybe think about the citizens of this province for a change instead of gleefully wanting to be right about how the province could have missed the boat on LNG.



The “M.S. Kristoff” is still tied up at the Porpoise Harbour, waiting for you to board. It won’t sail without you.



No need to apologize, mate. He will continue to post link after link. It is what he does here. :slight_smile:



And who doesn’t believe Rich Coleman?

Coleman says the key now is for the Federal Government to green-light
Kitimat’s Pacific Northwest LNG plant to signal certainty to the

In the last election the B.C. Liberals promised 100,000 jobs and a
debt free B.C. from the industry, but so far no shovels have hit the

Coleman says LNG cash is already hitting the province.

“I wouldn’t say we hoodwinked anybody. The fact of the
matter is, in just the last four years in British Columbia, there’s been
approximately 20 Billion dollars invested in projects related to
liquified natural gas.”



I can honestly say the provincial government took to long when deciding on pushing LNG, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. There has been jobs associated with LNG and there still is, but not the amount they said. We shall have to see what the NDP would do with the LNG proposals if elected. Their jobs plan has been pretty weak in the past, which has been one of their downfalls.

Oh and you don’t have anything to apologize for.






Got a call from a pollster this morning, and decided to go along with it.
It quickly steered its way into one about Liberal support, LNG and pipelines.
Difficult for me in some ways - I’m dead set against the Enbridge line. Grew up at the end of the TransMountain line, but they don’t want to fire up the refineries in Burnaby and create thousands of great jobs, just temporary construction, a couple at the terminal and export the goop for as little benefit as can possibly be had.
On the LNG questions -
It doesn’t matter for shit what they want, promote, impose conditions, do or oppose when the market isn’t there.
And surprise: the last response choice on the “is Christie doing a good or bad job on LNG” was exactly that- the market decides, not BC LIberal policy.

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Guess who is going to post a link in the next day or two :stuck_out_tongue:



tic toc tic toc someone is late in posting the latest Petronas link :stuck_out_tongue:

on a brighter note Lax membership have been voting last 3 days on Lelu island

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Just read that the vote was 532 yes and 279 no. Funny how that supposed 1st vote was unanimous against the benefit package and proposed project on Lelu.

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Don’t mean anything!



We shall see. It aint over til we hear the official words cancelled.



because of that vote the Federal Government will not delay approving the export license once they get the report from the CEA



Just literally read the whole thread here and I still have popcorn in my bag. Anyone knows when the next season of this soap opera is? :laughing:

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yep the next season starts near the end of september



Here’s some latest news.