Will Citywest beat Rogers to the punch?

So the race is on to see who can send the first text message in Rupert.  Special bragging rights go to the first person to post on HTMF from a cellphone as well.

I received this voicemail today on my Citywest phone: menino.com/temp/message.wav

Meanwhile, Rogers is still MIA:  “No Network” is what the phone says

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I have it from “official” sources that this will be the first text message sent out to Prince Rupert residents once the new service is up and running


What happens to those who switch to Rogers (GSM) and want to use their phone in a place such as Terrace that does not have Rogers?  Will GSM phones work in a non-GSM area?  :neutral_face:

All of highway 16 will have GSM service…

Most of the world is GSM.  I’d say there are 10 times more GSM phones than CDMA ones.  GSM is an open standard, while CDMA is proprietary, I think.

The CDMA stuff is definitely the minority if you travel a lot … and if you do travel outside of North America where the mobile companies aren’t all evil, you can usually just buy a pay-as-you go SIM card for your phone to use locally. 

Isnt Terrace a Telus only market currently?  Is Rogers moving into Terrace too?  Is Telus converting to GSM?  Do I have to buy a God Damned new phone??  :imp:

Rogers has said it will serve the entire highway 16 corridor.

If you already have a GSM phone, you can just buy a SIM card for Rogers (or another GSM provider on the Rogers network).  That’s the big advantage of GSM is that you can swap SIM cards.  You can’t do that on CDMA.

Hmmm…I must find out when my stupid contract expires then!

And don’t ever sign another contract again!  They’re evil!

Pay-as-you-go on either network, avoid the big guys, they’re all evil.

President’s Choice, Virgin, 7-11, PetroCanada, etc… all these guys provide pay-as-you go service…

Is the GSM network up yet and does anyone know if any other cities past Vanderhoof have GSM service now? 

Works in Terrace and Rupert.  Dunno about anywhere else. 

Way to resurrect an old thread – high-5!

There’s a term for the act who resurrect old threads, isn’t there?


I’m like thread viagra, even when you think it will never come up again… it does.