Wild chase through the streets of Vancouver

BCTV goes the KTLA route with live coverage of a chase through the streets of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, through the morning rush hour traffic…


Whoa… scary stuff!

Podunkian that was worth watching thanks for the post . Good stuff glad no one got hurt except for the driver of semi.

so was it a cop who ran him over, was he that much of a threat on foot?? that he needed to be hit… I think that was wrong!!!

He was a wolf in a truck drivers clothes…


i’m surprised they did not drive right over him, back up and do it again.  you know, to protect themselves and everybody else from harm.

I think there are studies out there that have proven that the risk of injuries resulting from being hit by a car is greater than the health risks associated with Tazers.  So maybe there should be an inquiry on the effectiveness of car use by police.  Even better, they should ban the use of cars altogether and have the police officers chase them with mountain bikes instead.  :imp:

So this person should get no more than a slap in the wrist? You gotta be kidding.

Just hope those civil liberties groups doesn’t help that deranged idiot sue the police for stopping him from endangering the public.

he was on foot and  naked were is he going to pull a weapon from?  his ass!!!


Nice tackle!

Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge != Vancouver