Wii Boxing

Is it just me? or does Wii boxing suck?  Half the time you punch it does not punch?

it sucks…dont play

the wii is so much fun I would check your censer, the way you do it is point a video camera at it;  there should be 4 lights on each side of the censer bar and if not that’s why you have problems, or you didn’t set up properly.

While I love Wii and the Sports package, I have to agree that boxing is drastically insensitive to IR in comparison with the other events. Tennis, however, never fails to impress!

The Wii is pretty cool, although I do have to agree that the boxing is my least favorite of the Sports package.  I haven’t experienced any issues with not punching when it’s supposed to.  I quite enjoy the bowling and the tennis.

Yes I agree boxing apparently is not my sport, I go down quicker than Mike Tyson chows down on a feast of ears, though when it comes to bowling perhaps even I could give smartass a run for her money.

Wii Golf is also quite fun, though like real life I seem to like to play out of bounds a lot… :unamused:

Hmm…i like the boxing quite a bit, gives a good workout and also helps after a hard day  :smiley:
i love all the wii games :smiley::smiley:

Yeah I don’t much like boxing either, it does not seem to respond to much of the actual movement, I don’t like baseball much, but that is only do to sucking at it, Bowling is great fun! My friends call it being Wiitards when playing the Wii.

I’m slowly becoming a Wiitard myself.  Boxing isn’t the most responsive but it sure gets you moving.  I like bowling.  We have mario party and a lot of  the minigames are fun and they use the remote in many different ways:  Some you shake the wiimote, some you do circles with, some you use two hands and you sway back and forth.

I want to buy other games but I’m not sure which ones are really good.  From reviews, super mario galaxy seems to be very good and of course, Guitar Hero III.  I might buy a Call of Duty game as well as it might be fun to play an FPS with the wii remote. 

I can’t recommend Mario Galaxy highly enough. It’s mesmerizing.

Boxing oK …but the spread between the sensors is like hand cuffs with an 6’10" wing span, it’s a little tight,my 5 yrs old, kicks my butt as he seems to get better swings as he’s so small.

The kid got it from his uncle as well as the Lego Star Wars Saga.
He loves both games.

:astonished: aww have u guys heard that there is gonna be wireless nunchuks!!:)  that is gonna be kewl… the wii sports game is kewl  :sunglasses: … another game to try if u like sports games is “the bigs”… i found that one to be pretty kewl  :sunglasses: … oh and i just bought a game on boxing day at zellers called “kabookii”… it is a family type game something like mario party but without all those characters… and i also bought my boys the"smackdown vs. raw 2008" that one is interesting…but the one game i had to buy for the wii and i really liked it was “TRANSFORMERS”… that one is so fun to play… especially when i like to play games where u can destroy everything… well i have a few more games, but that is all i have to say right now… OH and another thing… HTMF kicks ass… i been a viewer for along time but just never got around to leaving a comment on any of the topics… but when it comes to games i always like to put my two cents in…  :imp:

That’s…soooooo… kewl! roflol!