WiFi Boosting

Is there any way to get a more badass signal coming from the WiFi?

I’m sharing internet with the Americans below me but the signal doesn’t come to my room so strongly (opposite end of the flat compared to the router).  Plus, the ceilings are 5 meters high and the building was erected at the end of the 18th century.

Also, if we’re running on 1Mb DSL right now, will it make any difference for us on the WiFi upstairs if we went to 2Mb DSL?  My thoughts are that it is only going to be faster for he who is directly linked to the router, while us on the WiFi pay more for the same weak signal…  Am I anywhere near correct?

Does it have anything to do with Blood-Doping?

Buying a higher powered card helps alot. The further you get away from your base the slower your connection. BUt still a 1mb conection to your wireless is still going to be fast for surfing the net.

you could also buy a dlink range extender i think mig had one.

Yes, I know that 1Mb is good for suring the net, but if the guy downstairs decides to buy a 2Mb DSL, are we even going to feel a difference up here on the wireless?

Aren’t there any formulae for these types of questions?

I need max Formulae!

Mig would know about those, but you should not have to worry about them you should be able to get good speed. Just  try moving the routers around. I just move the router i setup for my gf  & her roommate and moved it on it’s side and it works 100% now AND the antenna is even broken off too.