Wich torrent program is the better

first of all , how many different torrents are there? 

which ones are good to use ?

do some have better features ?

ive heard of one called shareeza is it any good ?

Don’t go … there be pirates!  :imp:

bit torrent all the way - shareeza lime wire etc NO! lol

If you want something lightweight, utorrent is also a good choice.

What I like is high quality, high definition, movies  … I cant stand bad quality .

pirates? i just want good  high quality movies on my laptop so when i go to camp i have something to watch now and again  and also how do you rip DVD’s ?
do i need a decoder ?

go to zellars and get some blu ray lol.  downloading that shit is a pain in itself esspecially with shitty west at your service.  i sometimes get better bandwidth on adsl than the “high speed” cable package they offer so what the hell its just rediculous to live in the northwest and get good kb/s  FUCK CABLE!!! 

i use adsl just fine for getting dvd rips and screeners

Utorrent is what i use. Works for me!

I use Azureus. But it’s too bloated for me, and I feel too technically un savvy to try something else.

I use bittornado.  Small program that isnt bloated and very easy to use.

Same here,  Vuze its called now.  I find it does just find and has plenty of options,  like downloading a full season,  you can set the first few episodes to high priority, and watch them while the rest come in. 
Speed wise I get my full 200 Kbs,  so a 1 hour show, is finished in about 50 min.

uTorrent’s the best choice for my preferences. I’ve gone through many different clients (BitComet, BitLord, BitTornado, Azureas Vuze, uTorrent, BitTorrent, Ares, Limewire/Frostwire) etc etc.

I always come back to utorrent.

uTorrent phones home, don’t like things that do that!


I use Acquisition for Mac.

Best out there but no one really knows about is graboid, there is a free trial but it is worth it to pay monthly.  You can stream dvd quality movies or download them.  Its the fastest downloading program I ever used.  I get up to 500 KB/sec

You could just use the dude that hangs out by Herbies…he sells movies for 5 bucks  :smiley:

haha yes! Support local economy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Utorrent all the way…
great program. run schedules- throttle the upload/ download bandwidth to your liking to not kill your bandwidth while browsing etcc…been using it for years