Why you should never buy a new car in Rupert

Some Mother #$#$# slashed my tire last night. A week before someone backed into my car(dent) last month some took there key to my car all along the side. last year someone ripped the panal under the stearin wheel off. Another dent in the front earlier that week.

I would never buy a new car in this town. It pisses me off, now I have to come up with $80 that i dont have right now. And it really sucks changing a tire at 6:00 am

Off street parking, man, off street parking. Those extra few feet are not only too much of a hassle for the city’s garbage collectors but for criminals as well. Let’s face it: vandalism is a lazy crime.

I live 2 houses up from a party house right now, and i park my truck on the street… its yet to be vandalized. We’ll see what happens when i move to the new house.

I feel for ya. When I lived with my parents I had to park on the street and had a year from hell with my car. In one year I had to replace 4 stereo’s, 5 windows and the crowning glory was when someone stole it (from a locked Government Compound, no less) and drove it to PG for me.

When I bought my own house I wouldn’t even look at a place that didn’t have off street parking.


The day after I bought my car some fucking cocksmoker keyed it and then backed into the front… no damage done other than a bent license plate but still… fuckers…

2 and a half years ago during one of my first visits to rupert, i just bought my car, someone walked over it. yep, on the hood to the roof and off the back. they were wearing size 11 airwalks. a perfect imprint of the shoe was in my paint.

i was told who did it, he doesn’t know i know, still waiting for my chance to have a little one on one…if you know what i mean :smiling_imp:

Meh, walking over cars is no big deal.

When I first got my car I let a friend drive it, in which case he stalled it and didn’t disengage the clutch so it shook and screwed up the throttle and timing (it’s an old car), so we took it to a friend’s garage in which case they parked it in their compound around back.

I got a call from my dad the next day letting me know that it was broken into and the stereo was stolen. They broke a window in the back to grab the 6x9s, couldn’t get in that door, so they broke a window in the front, too, climbed to the back through there (bending the seat frame), and then stealing the crappy tape deck in the front.

Thankfully, my sister’s boyfriend gave me a kenwood CD deck he wasn’t using, I got some decent 5 1/4 inch 3-ways for the back, some nice small pioneer 2 ways for the dash, a 10" kenwood sub in the trunk and a Sony amp powering it. Whole setup cost me $130 including the wiring, the setup at retail would have cost me $650. I guess if I still had that old setup I wouldn’t have been looking out for deals on new stuff all the time.

Oh yeah, a local doctor bought a new BMW… within a day it was keyed right down the side. I can’t stand it when scum have to do stuff like that just because they’re jealous that some people actually try to make lives for themselves rather than steal and live on welfare.

I know how you guys feel, several people i know got stereo’s robbed, cd collections stolen, Tires slashed, and one of the cars got painted all over.

when godzilla attacks you guys will be prime targets for car smashing.

15 years in Prince Rupert, 11 years on 7th east no far from the seal cove circle, and my truck got “visited” twice while parked on the street. My wife’s van in the driveway was broken into once. They stole a few CDs from the van but there wasn’t anything in the truck. I never locked my truck door so I guess it might have been checked often. I always expected to find a drunk sleeping in the passenger seat one morning but it never happened.

P.S. Pandemic, check your PM

With the exception of being broken into at Stanley Park (which is almost like a right of passage), I’ve never had any of my vehicles vandalized, until last weekend. Friday morning (or possibly Thursday night) my car was spray painted all across the side and then Saturday night I had a tire slashed.

My car is usually unlocked, keys in ignition.