Why use Linux?

Why should you try out Linux?
Linux is a Unix-like operating system that has been around for a little over twenty years. Linux was invented by a Finnish programmer named Linus Torvalds in 1991. Many big iron servers like Google run on Linux. Years ago Linux had the reputation of being difficult to use, today that is not the case. There are several versions of Linux like Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora that are fun and easy to use. Linux is very secure and robust and has the advantage of being immune to the virus and malware infections that plague Windows based systems! Also, Linux is free open source software that can be installed on several PCs without fear of copy write violations. Free is a good thing.
If you are curious about giving Linux a try you can try one of several Live versions of Linux that are available. For example, you can download and burn an OpenSUSE live CD and run it on your windows system. That is, you can boot your PC from the CD, give Linux a try without changing anything on your Windows installation. If you find that you like Linux You can use the Live CD to install Linux and set-up a dual boot so that you can choose to run either Windows or Linux at system start-up.

Why use Linux? Windows 8 is just as annoying as Unity…

Haha, true that! :smile:

ahem :smile:

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ahem :smile:

engadget.com/2012/11/19/star … ate-sales/[/quote]

One of the most irritating things with linux just happens to be this right here. Having to hunt around for extensions/apps to make it function the way it should have in the first fucking place. Windows 8 looks like my daughter drew it with pastel pencil crayons.

Good to see that Windows is catching up with Linux on the annoying interface front, at least.

Buy one… hahaha
The Start Buttons are in bin #7 right beside the Staples Easy buttons…

Agreed. Especially if you’re running certain Linux User interfaces cough Gnome3 cough Gnome 2 was a nice interface. At the moment I’m pretty-much sold on XFce as my interface of choice. I like KDE4 but it uses too much RAM.

Installs today: 1 Xubuntu, 1 Windows Thin PC, 1 Windows 8. :smile:

Nice. I installed OpenBSD 5.2 a day or two ago, it runs very well. At my house we are running Slackware, Debian, OpenBSD, Windows 7, and OS X.

Xubuntu, looks like mac osx 10.2 WTF!

bsd would be nice, haven’t tried it on my laptop but i bet there isn’t much support for the new stuff yet…