Why fireworks should only be handled by professionals

So dare we call this a butt blaster???

news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/engl … 132140.stm

Check this out!  nothingtoxic.com/media/11628 … ome_Reason

Sorry Trans!  The fireworks in the butt story beats your month old hungry pelican story.

Pssshaw!  I’ve seen so many fireworks in the butt stories lately it’s getting old! 

A pelican eating a pigeon though.  That’s frickin’ gold!  Even if it is a month out of date. 


Another _______iliac to add to my resume!  :smiley:  It’s becoming quite extensive, I wonder why nobody is hiring me??!

Have you tried not printing your resume on tanned human skin?

I guess I never thought about that.  How about goat skin instead?

Here is something for you Trans:

Note to self:  It’s about time I figure out how to embed  a video in a post! :confused:

When you post there’s a little triange below the text box.  Click on the triangle, click browse, select the image/movie and hit save.  It takes awhile to upload. 

Mig, is there any way that you could add support for more extensions? I don’t know where to get a good movie conversion application.