Why did the City of Prince Rupert hire her?

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why did the city hire Dr Faggetter, she signs her name on this petition while being employed by the city. Does that mean the city approves and supports her stance on PNW? and if not why did they allow her to sign her name to the petition?

I do not think anyone should be surprised with her signing the letter. The doctor was previously associated with the Prince Rupert Environmental Society which joined with UFAWU (the Fishermen’s Union) and the T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation who hired her to do some work.

Obviously City Council would have known her background in the in-depth vetting they would have done prior to offering employment (after all, the Resident Scientist is a pretty important role!). Suffice to say, by hiring her, it is reasonable to conclude that the Council of City of Prince Rupert is deeply concerned about any development at Lelu Island.

I am however a bit concerned to find out that the announcement of her appointment was made on a Facebook page. I know I am a bit of traditionalist but certainly such a appointment should have been announced at a Council Meeting.

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I have no problem with her views but to sign a petition against development when the city itself has not stated it would want or not, looks bad. as for her hiring the city used the slush fund, ie: the city newly created corporation to bypass municipal bylaws to hire her so no council announcement necessary.

It may look “bad” but I think it should be no surprise what she thinks. Ordinarily, unless their contract forbids it, employees and contractors are free to utter their own opinion(s). In this case, the Town has not given a stated position on Lelu Island so she cannot be faulted. Also, by signing the petition she has given people a pretty good idea of what she will be telling Council. Council in turn will presumably give a lot of weight to her opinion when formulating its opinion. So, I don’t think anyone who wonders what Council will decide should be wondering any longer (not that Council’s opinion will matter a damn when the people making the final decision decide what they want to do).

While I am on the subject of transparency, I am aghast that the Town shifted money to a separate corporation so that they can avoid the financial transparency required of the Community Charter. Jack and the gang that could not shoot straight are looking better and better.

yep that is so true and also the City is going up to Petronas with a cup in hand asking for money, go figure

maybe the Mayor would like to respond to this or maybe the newly hired communications coordinator, why we needed that as well in a city of 12000 ppl, can explain the position of the city and of our environmental scientist

So where does the city of Prince Rupert stand on the development of petronas?

After 20 odd years as an employer in northern BC I can tell you the most probable reason they hired her.
All the other applicants were worse…

actually they didn’t advertise her position at all, the dummy corporation the city set up is outside municipal bylaws, no other candidates were considered.

Yup, always the best of the worst. She’ll end up being the next MLA just to prove that we are tolerant to stupidity.

well she did state that the shadow from the bridge that Petronas is proposing would cause harm to flora bank. has she seen how much shadows we have on cloudy days. me thinks she has been smoking too much eel grass.

and on another note with Petronas with Helin being elected mayor of Lax, odds are now more in favour of it being a done deal