My last post was to bring attention to the home inspection industry. The outrage some of you felt is how the buyer feels when they realize they got a poor home inspection, the jubilation is how the seller feels. I am not happy with the home inspection, in fact I am extremely disappointed, the buyers deserve better. I would think that they expected a complete home inspection not a partial inspection. Home inspections are a vital part of the home buying process. Research should be done on all available inspectors, the association they belong to, their inspection record, and with consumer protection BC. Choosing the right inspector for you is important. Never have someone else choose the home inspector for you, your best interest may not be considered.

I wish I could remember his company name, but my parents recently sold thier house and the buyers had a home inspector from Smithers come. The guy was awesome. He spent nearly an entire day going through the house from top to bottom. Those people got one hell of an inspection and I’m sure knew exactly what they were buying.

There was more on this thread, and now it is not in the Wasteland. What happened to it?

I think the OP deleted it.

OP I must say I think your previous thread, the one that is now deleted, was tasteless. You mentioned an inspector in Terrace and basically threw him/her under the bus. You never disclosed that you were a home inspector, you just sewered your competition…tacky.
Ps. You don’t have the best rep in town professionally or personally.

Well since i said it in the last thread ill say it here too. The home inspection racket (because thats what it is) is a utter joke. There is no recourse for the buyer nor accountibility for the “inspector”. They take your money and if they are decent people or feeling generous that day they provide a service if not you get some paperwork thats worth nothing. if you think having a home inspector come look at a house will protect you thjnk again.

There is a reason the banks dont require a home inspection to get a mortgage. They know its a joke too.