Who'd you rather?

Who’d you rather?

  • Heidi Klum
  • Tyra Banks

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Who would you rather stick your diggy in their wiggy?

Heidi Klum, or Tyra Banks with her big ol’ Badonkadonk Butt and Forehead!


Don’t forget to vote, you dolts.

Note to Miguel.

Woot! :open_mouth:

That vote option is off the hook!

And what’s the Sticky option for the New Topic?

Note to Charles_T: Don’t use words like “sticky” in threads about “stick your diggy in their wiggy.” Lots of Freudian stuff happens.

Sticky means that it will be at the top of the forum view thing. See
for an example of a sticky.

Not sticky like the pages of your sears magazine 8)

Speakin’ of my Sears mag… that I don’t have…

Where’s that Playboy of mine?


Me and sluff…

your moms in your playboy magazine?

Why is this under Tech Forum? Why was this even posted? Dumb-ass topic!

Tyra Banks is more attractive though.

It’s Saturday. 7:50am. Exam at 8:30am. Something fundamentally wrong with it (in a sort of fundamentalist way).

Well, that exam was nice.

It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I still probably failed it.

It was like I only got raped with an eight inch strap-on, rather than the full footer.

(o) becomes (0)


all of the above

Heidi Klum is hotter.

Do i have to choose?

No, people from Prince George don’t get to choose.

Heidi all the way! Euro Chicks Rule

Heidi, jy maak mei haart braandt ! :smiling_imp:

You’re Gay, Pinner…

But Heidi Klum is off the hook!!

Ok, no more boobies posts, Charles_T.

Take it elsewhere.

Mike, Tyra’s from England thats euro aint it?

but fuckin eh! Heidi Klum all the way!

didja see her on letterman? she was pretty hot there.