Who wants my empties?

I have 14 garbage bags full of empty beer and pop cans and bottles, and I am way too lazy to return them myself.

Whoever is willing to come and pick them up can have them. If you are interested, please reply in this thread. You’d be able to come pick them up tonight, anytime tomorrow, or on a weekday evening.

Priority would go to a sports team or youth organization for fundraising, but if none of them are interested, it’ll be whoever replies first.

Kids from Pineridge school are having a bottle drive today…maybe they read HTMF

Hi Eso

I would be interested if no sports group wants them. My 8 year old actively recycles any cans/bottles. He is quite smart, he calls up the teenagers in the hood if he hears the parents are away and claims all the empties.  Ah the little capialist!

PM me if you have no takers, I would need to make a few trips as I have a car though.

They must.  They just raided the HTMF server room, which was filled with empties.  :wink:

Do you know if they still are doing it tomorrow?

I have no idea…but I’m sure if you called the school Monday they would probably arrange something.

My son and I were out for Pineridge today. If they are still available we can arrange to have them picked up.

Sent you a personal message with further details.

Too bad you weren’t around the Fort. Have A LOT of empties after last night, came home from work walked into a surprise party!

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Bwah ha ha ha ha

OMG I just found out the gf asked our doctor to show her a Viagra so she knew what shape to make the cake. Now I’m too embarrassed to get my earache checked out, he was in on it too!
and it was my daughter who looked up on the Net to get the right color and spelling!

First I stop at two friends homes and my gf is there ‘helping them bake’…
Then I’m at work Sat. and all my friends are bringing their computers in all damn afternoon so I’m there til 6, and I can’t find anything wrong with any of them…
Plus I can’t figure why my daughter came in from PG to visit unannounced.
Then I don’t think nuthin when two 10 yr old daughters of friends start rassling me and making a lot of noise right at the front door when I get there…

The women are right. Men (not just me) are fucking clueless!
My friends and family are the greatest!

What a nice family!!!

Agreed.  You’re a lucky man, herbie! :smile:

Happy belated birthday hope you had fun at the “Bash” We will be right up for the empites bwhaha!

Happy Birthday herbie…
don’t take any Rogaine with that Viagra or you’ll end up with hair like Don King