Who knew?

I too and my wify are members  and enjoy the club its fun we met new people and are learning new things, I have the canon XT and XTi both camera’s as i just found out can do IR or Infrared,
here are few pictures I did.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

So I will try another , but thanks anyway for the advice .

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I’ve never had luck with those dark foreground/ light background pictures. I just can’t seem to get the exposure right. It’s tricky to get just the right about of shadow in the foreground without ruining the exposure for the sky. I read an interesting post somewhere though that explained about multi-processing .raw files to bring out details in the shadows without affecting the highlights.

hey thats cool, how do you know if it does infrared? i just bought a canon powershot S3, i hope it does infrared too, where do i check? i didnt see anything in the manual about it, but it is missing some other info too, shitty manual but great camera.

its easy if you use a tripod, its called HDR, you take a picture 3 or 4 times turning up your exposer then in photoshop you you sort of merg look for HDR software and it will do it for you…
photomatrix works great here is a picture i did…
the first and second photo were combined to make the 3 photo

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i went online and googled it, most camera have a filter on them to block the infrared as it can lead to degraded picture quality… so you can get a filter like a Hoya  Infrared IR R72 and shot in black and white…

um, so i can buy a filter for it? or is it the firmware/software?

I dont see why not they make them in all sizes…if you have filter you dont need to use firmware…just make sure you shot in black and white, seems to work better

gotcha, thanks so much. sorry to be a pain in the ass, can you tell me approximately how much they are? shutter shack carries this type of thing?

yes over 80.00 dollers on ebay 35 with shipping same filter Hoya  Infrared IR R72

shutter shack it is! thanks again

For those tricky exposures, try an ND (Neutral Density) grad filter. It’s a must for evening shots. Indeed, you can expose for the foreground, then expose for the background/sky, but this means you’d need the tripod wherever you go. With the ND filter attached (Esp. Singh Ray’s variable density filter) you just adjust on-the-go and snap away. :smile:

More on the ND filter, below:

Singh Ray’s ND filter:

You may also like a good polarizer filter:


lol shutter shack = 80.00 ebay = 35.00 sorry

underwater phoyography  with pentax w20
did this last night…

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Getting here late. The camera club meets the first Monday every month except the summer. I think the next meeting will be in September. $30/year to join and it well worth it the club has several ways to get your work exposed to the community including the web page, the museum gallery in May, the civic centre and more. Come check it out.

OMG thats so cool, I bet that would have been so thrilling to see these magnifecent mammals so close

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That’s a great dolphin photo. I don’t like the way the colors changed when I messed with the saturation, but I think it would look better cropped like this:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

it was incredible! i was out dragging (commercial trawl fishing)with brother in law after the mill closed, my daughter was doing a report on dolphins and asked me if i could get a picture for her report, boy was she happy. those are the real thing too, not just common harbor porpoise either, very rare to see them up this far north it was a real treat to get to see them in the wild that close. as we were towing they were playing with our boat surfing on its wake, once i hung over the bow they all came swarming up to the surface to see me, they were as curious about me as i was of them. it was an amazing experience, they were looking at me straight in the eyes, they did that for over an hour till we had to haul back, then they didnt like us anymore. :smiley:

hey that’s the cover of the new menu at breakers