White Christmas

A White Christmas in Rupert!

Yep, and now that it’s white out there… it can stop.

I Loves it!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

now i have to find the shovel :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is frozen to the deck.  Gotta defrost it before I can use it.

Ya’ll can’t say you weren’t warned… :imp:

hackingthemainframe.com/smf/inde … 243.0.html

Still some shovels available at the dollar store for the unprepared :smiley:

Lol stuck in my driveway, Not getting out any time soon.

Ookay I dreamt of this … now I am gonna try for winning the Lotto 649 draw tonight :smile:

For real??  It snowed 2 inches!!!

Does anyone have any pictures for those of us who left town for the holidays?

Yeah I live in a townhouse down on  4th east  really steep crappy hill to get out. Bjut I did get out after it was plowed and I dropped3 bags of salt on the road

so much for the crazy snow clouds moving in from the pacific.

boooo :neutral_face:

Here’s a shot from on the Skeena

Holy Christmas!  Is this an official blizzard? 

I just woke Mig and I’d say it is.


That’s one wacky criminal mind at work . . .

Waking up this morning was a beautiful sight to see, however I must admit that it did creat a little havoc for drivers today. About a week ago, or so the Daily News had an article in the paper reminding the public, that it is the responsibility of downtown merchants, and residential homeowners/tenants, to keep the sidewalks clean, and clear. Trying to walk downtown today was like Hell In A Cell, because our fine city workers couldn’t clear a corner if their lives depended on it. now I find this extremely bizzare, since during the summer months, there seems to be city workers everywhere watering trees, and plants in the rain, however when we get a little snow, there isn’t anyone shovelling the corners. Walking from Tim Horton’s, to Herby’s, was probually the worst corner, as city crews plowed only two lanes, leaving the water, and slush to build from the curb out. Walking home tonight, I have to ask this, Who is responsible for cleaning, and clearing around the Police Station, and Library? Lets hope that this doesn’t freeze over night, what a mess this will be

If I’m not mistaken, today is a Stat Holiday.  City workers don’t work on stats holidays, just like teachers, mailmen/mailwomen etc.  If they are working, they are getting paid overtime. I’m pretty sure you didn’t see any city workers watering plants and trees on Canada Day, which is another stat holiday.  As for the downtown area, the merchants are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of their businesses except on Sundays and stat holidays.

princerupert.ca/admin/editor … .pdf  <- page 14, sec. 9.03 (1)

Plus 2nd Ave isn’t plowed by the city it is plowed by Obriens because it is Highway 16.