Whiny threads started by yngwie!

Here’s a sample:

Bashing local radio!

Bashing the ANT!

Bashing school!

Bashing his customers!

Bashing the credit union!

Bashing beer!

And now bashing the police!

Am I the only one that sees a trend here?

We need that ‘Flames’ forum back!

Man, this sure would be a boring place with that Swedish guitar guy…

It’s doubtfull anyone here hasn’t noticed that trend. I can’t stand the threads that Yngwie creates to spam HTMF. He’s worse than those companies that send unwelcome penis enlargement advertisments to random e-mail inboxes…


:laughing: that disappeared after MrJ left :wink:

I never got one of these. I guess they just send me the viagra spam!

I just get the Northwest Weekly.

Theres lots to bash about, and I have yet more bashing to do.

My bro has a vid of Yngwie Malmsteen performing with like, a symphony orchestra. It’s pretty elite.

I’ve got the G3 in Denver vid with him on it. I think Vai steals the show on that vid.

Everytime I see him, I see Horatio Sanz playing guitar.

My brother saw Steve Vai and Joey Satch both play recently in Vancouver. I was pretty jealous.

Yeah. I didn’t get to go to that concert. I also missed Vai at the Commodore in April. Tickets were only $35.