Which candidate for Mayor

I’m not sure who to vote for, as I don’t know either Scott or Mussallem or their policies.

Anyway, here’s a poll.  If you’re undecided or not voting, you can just leave it blank.  You must be logged in to vote.  And you must vote to see the results.

I’m really looking forward to the all candidates forum.  There really has not been any campaigning yet so It will be interesting to see where they stand.  I’m sure that neither of them had thought the election would work out this way as they probably had dreams of going up against Herb Pond.

To have peaceful, uncorrupted elections, is a luxury in our world.  With Nov.11th coming up, we should appreciate our right to the democratic process, by showing up to the polls.  The federal election turnout was horrible, and that is no way to honour those who died, so we could have…
Please vote.


This is going to be a horse race.  I don’t think that we can go wrong with this one.  Both are great, experienced candidates and either one can do the job.  Good luck to both of them.

Will Scott bail again to try for provincial politics?

Herb has taken that spot…lol

What are the details about this?  I’m still undecided on the mayoral candidates.  What’s this about Scott?

Scott lost to belsey for the liberal nomination.

At that time Don was asked by many to run for the liberals…he has since stated that in retrospect it was a mistake… his reasons for running back then was with the best of intentions…he hoped to bring prince rupert to the forefront…he has stated that he would not run again …he is committed to prince rupert…

If Scott served his full term how did he bail?

Someone out there please clarify this for me… 

Yea–I’m really confused too. Were some people just using the term “bail” to make people assume what happened was negative? Don’t see what’s wrong with him moving onto other things after finishing his bout as Mayor.

I understood that he was defeated as Mayor, then lost the BC Liberal nomination.  Hardly “bailing.”

That rumour was probably started by a Mussalem supporter!  :imp:

Yeah it was likely started that way…
I still dont know which way to vote for mayor
They both rub me the wrong way…
Can anyone enlighten me…

Ok, I get it now.  He was trying to bail, but failed. 

He ran for the Liberal nomination while still Mayor, right?

thing is it would not have started until the end of his term

He wanted to help Rupert by doing it…

Still not sure who to vote for, but I am leaning to Scott

I think I’m going for Mussalem.  My reasons aren’t great, but oh well…

Reason one: Mussalem wants more cops on the streets at night.  Sounds great to me!

Reason two: Scott’s signs say something about “sound fiscal” something or other (can’t remember the exact words) but he has probably spend the most amount of money on signs out of everyone in town.  He has more signs than anyone, and they’re all in full colour and with his portrait.  Personally, I think that’s a waste of money.  Sure it’s HIS money, but still, doesn’t seem like a sound fiscal choice.  Maybe he would be better with “our” money, but the signs seem frivolous, and I’m sure that he’d do other frivolous spending.

So, even though they’re not really GOOD reasons, those are the reasons why I’m voting the way I am. 

Those are perfectly valid reasons. 

Agreed.  I’m off to the voting booth tomorrow.  I think I know who I want for mayor and council.  I’m feeling quite ambivalent about who to select for school trustees.
I love elections:-)