Which bandwagon?

Sorry I didn’t get on the Canucks bandwagon quickly enough, but it was just as well.

Now which bandwagon should I jump on?

The Canucks bandwagon was pretty full after a win, but when they lost a game there was at least a 1 day window to get back on :smiley:

If I HAD to pick a team to cheer for, it would be Ottawa or San Jose… but the Canucks are out, so no more hockey watching for me until pre-season.

I watch the Canucks. I am loyal to them every year whether they play well or not.

Oh well, mayber next year. For the 37th time…
they were AWFUL… bloody AWFUL

The new rules and style of play bite. Too many penalty calls. Who likes to watch players backing up and waving their sticks like pussies. If a guy’s got the puck and you can’t take ir, you knock him off it. Bah!

Nothing left to do but cheer on the Sens, it’s a long time between gulps from the cup from 1927-2007, nhl.com/cup/champs.html

After 80 years Stanley wants to go home!

This is very disappointing for the Canucks.  After a little more than 4 periods of hockey, their shots on goal total was 27.  The Ducks had 63!  Luongo can’t do it all by himself.  Facing elimination and not showing more intensity is unforgivable in playoff hockey.

Go Sharks! We’re still in it!

Go Senators!!! http://www.fsjames.com/img/ott30.gif

Maybe we need a womans NHL team to bring Stanley home, Since it’s not the aggressive
game it used to be.

I love women’s hockey… but I’d rather watch the guy’s game.

a girl’s field hockey team could have out played those hacks last night.  BOOOO URNS!  I’m not even a canucks fan and that hurt to watch.  dang