Where's the newspaper?

Maybe i am just out of the loop, but has anyone else NOT recieved their newspaper n a couple of months in Prince Rupert particularily Fulton st.

I didn’t get either paper this week, last week they were late. There probably isn’t a delivery person for the area. There has been many a time that I’ve had to pick the papers up at a store. I noticed in Wednesday’s paper that they were looking for carriers in quite a few areas in town.

The View must be having problems getting carriers, may be time for the Publisher to try to recruit some new ones, he may have to rethink his approach though.

thenorthernview.com/opinion/ … obile=true

I always see the carrier delivering just at the end of 9th and then they turn around. Only a couple houses away from mine. I hope they get more carriers soon, but until then i guess i’ll just grabbed the paper at the store. thanks.

If you’re meant to be getting a paper, and you aren’t, call the view at 250-624-8088. They don’t know if you aren’t getting a paper, unless you call them!

Extra! Extra! Resident cares about getting newspaper!

Somebody actually wants to receive the Northern Spam? Now that’s a worthy news story. More newsworthy than a truck hitting a pole!

Irony is posting on the Internet complaining about not receive a physical newspaper.

Like taking your car to complain that your horse and buggy isn’t working.

This thread makes me hungry.

You can read the papers online. Who wants all that crap that comes in the papers anyways!

Speaking of spam … amzn.to/186znQG