Where the Ladies at?

Are there only three women on this board?  I know of myself, Beth 13, and Saffron.  Any other women?  I’m getting bored of all the tech talk the guys are always chatting about.  Ha ha.

No girls allowed

<—All woman.  :smiley:

um it was Princess of Power who started topic not beth13…and asking an open ended question like,  “are you 13" would tend to raise a few eye browse especially when u ask it like that, maybe you should have stated your question and intention more clearly…

Uhhh, I started the thread.  Princess Of Power.

LMAO your right Princess of power…sorry for mix up… fixed my post …

ok but beth13 has not even posted on this topic…LOL… topic was about gender “woman” who post frequently to the forum. so age has nothing to do with it.

question was "Is there any other woman? I’m getting bored of all the tech talk the guys are always chatting about.  Ha ha. "

I don’t see anything about age or age appropriateness in this question. Only the princess new there were a few other woman  Beth 13, and Saffron who were woman, and wanted to know if there were other woman.


Even when someone uses good grammar, there can be misunderstandings!  Ha ha.

Hi Gooby!  That makes FOUR women!


I’m of the female variety as well.

Don’t let the name fool you.

Ahhh, ok, I was wondering about you.  That’s a very masculine name, but a very feminine eye!

Direct geographical questions aren’t allowed.

姑娘 我
I’m a girl. I only post when I have time; I have to study hard get a good grade.

You can count me in too, Princess.
I guess there aren’t many female geeks out there.

This lady spent most of the afternoon soaking up the sun on her lounger out on the deck. A good book, a bottle of wine and it was heavenly out there.


Nice!  But you don’t live in Rupert currently, do you?  I live pretty much as south as you can get without living in the states, and it’s super nice today!

point roberts…or tswassen…
or south surrey on “o” avenue

I’m a girl.  Sent back from the future.  Come with me if you want to live.

Nope.  But super close to the 49th, but on the Island.

ha ha… NO!  I luckily don’t live on Wallace!!  ha ha.  But you most likely have the town right.