Where is this? Take 31


Here is a new one. 20 questions of so, probably less. Play to win boys and girls.

Theme: Prince Rupert One day?

Does Maher Terminals Inc. have anything to do with this port? Might be a waste of a question, however that does look like a red and white striped crane.


Cangzhou China?


Is this site within the borders of an english-speaking country?

What he said but replace english with spanish…???



Also, like the Port of Prince Rupert resides in Prince Rupert, similar for the place located, so the name of the port is the same as the city it is located in.

Is it a sister city of Prince Rupert?

Is the main language around there east asian in nature?

No it isn’t

No as well.

Is this on the Pacific Ocean?

Sounds like a direct geography question to me :wink:

Try something like this:

Does it share a common currency with a bunch of other countries?

Direct geographic questions cannot be answered. Ask your question in a more creative way. For example:

Is the ocean connected to the port the one where insert interesting fact about Pacific Ocean here

By fact I mean something like this:

No it does not.

Whoops. I apologize for being a knob.

You mean a “noob” :wink:

Is the place pictured located in a body of water discovered by Magellan?

No it is not.

Is the country where this port is located, part of the area where the viking homeland was?


*viking homeland being scandanavia?