Where is this #4

About 1000 people died in the location in the centre of this image.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Did they all die at the same time ( within a few minutes)?

There is no definite recount of how long it took for all of them to die, but it must have taken no longer than a day or two.

did this happen in 2001?

Is there a biblical significance to this place?

This place is not mentioned in the bible by its name.

did this event take place in present day  Egypt ?

It did not happen in present day. Whether it was in Egypt is a direct geographical question and that I won’t answer.

No, 16 questions left.

Jonestown, Guyana?  Poison koolaid?

Did the deaths result from a natural cause ( as opposed to a man-made cause)?

Hitest,  Jonestown was in the jungle.

I know that:-)  I can’t read damn satellite imagery, I suppose.  lol. :smiley:

Is this location a spot where Canadian Forces currently are on patrol?


Were the deaths the result of an armed conflict?

Yes, but they were not killed by their enemies (hint).

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Is it the Masada?

Yes, it is the Masada in Israel.

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It sucks being 4 time zones away to play this game.  That’s the second time I ask questions that could lead to solve the puzzle but that I can’t stay around my computer to wait for an answer because of other things to do.  Then I come back and someone solve it!  Grrr.

Good job  Illy