Where is this #36

This place is of historical significance.

Is Obama president there?


I don’t want to see this getting buried, so here’s another picture of the place.

  Is it a burial site?


Was the person an entertainer?

Yes, one is dead but the other is still alive and dancing around with rosy cheeks.

Is it a crypt in Hollywood?


Were they dance partners?


Is he/she buried on their estate?

Is this in a country with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister?



Was Tony Blair the former PM here?

People drive on the left in the UK :smile:

I think Jees has given some cryptic hints back there…

You’re right. MIG answered this question so it won’t count, 14 questions left.

Sorry MiG, I know they drive on the left, just forgot to go back to the first pic  :neutral_face:            Did the entertainer die in the early 1900’s?

I don’t know which entertainer you 're talking about.  Whoever it is died long before the beginning of the 1900’s.  The place, however, became what it is then.

This is the 14th last question.