Where Is This 35

Okay, my turn thanks to a big assist from Big Thumb.  The point indicated is of historical interest.

Is this country represented at World Cup 2010 (from the previous game) ?

Yes it is.

No need to thank me.  I was looking at Cape Town first and then fell asleep!  That’s the game!

Do people in this place consistently  and willingly drive on the wrong side of the road?  (That’s from a canadian perspective!-)  You understand that I mean driving on the left side.

Nope, they drive like normal people.

I have to go play some CS tonight, so I won’t be able to take part.  Unless I’m killed a lot.

My thinking is that it’s not Europe, since the city is too square.  Which leaves USA, Mexico, the Koreas and Japan.  I assume it’s Northern hemisphere because of the shadows.

Doesn’t look like Korea, and I can’t find anything similar in Japan (besides, they drive on the wrong side in Japan too).  Mexico city doesn’t look so squarish, so I’m leaning towards USA.

Now you just need to figure out what part of the USA.

All that leads to the following questions:

  1.  Was slavery legal in this state just prior to the civil war?
  2.  Was this state a part of the revolution that overthrew the British and ensured North America would drive on the proper side of the road?

If you just want to answer one of those, I understand.  Is there a rule about one question at a time?

I had to check this out as I didn’t want to point you in the wrong direction.  This state did abolish slavery prior to the civil war.

This state also played an important role in the American Revolution.

Is the historical interest of the place related to the civil war or the US revolution?

No, no relation to either of those wars.

Does this state have a salt water shore?

No, the state this site is found in does not border any body of salt water.  It is connected to the sea by means of a waterway though.

It’s Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany


I knew right away that it had be somewhere in Europe. MIG,  you were wrong. Have a look at Mannheim, Germany. The city centre is as square as square can be.

Yup, it’s checkpoint Charlie.  Well done Jees!

And if any of you were wondering about MiG’s questions, Prussia abolished slavery in 1807 and Hessian troops fought with the British during the American Revolution.

Yeah, I thought the shape of the apartment buildings was a give away for Europe.

Well, it must be my Hessian blood that makes me figure this one out so fast.

Curses!  Foiled again!

Well done Jees.  I didn’t look at Germany. Doh!  I really had tunnel vision on the New World thing there. 

Would this have something to do with the more devistated parts of europe from the war? Did they rebuild more gridish?