Where is this #34

Well it’s been over a week and the ball didn’t get picked up. So let’s liven things up again. Where TF is this, specifically where the building is:

(this should be easy)

I don’t see the building below in the first aerial picture, do the two locations have something in common?

Im pretty sure that is Coal Harbour, but I don’t know that building.

I knew it was Coal Harbour, but I didn’t know there was a naval base there. It’s Deadman’s Naval Station I think, I’ve been by there. I knew I recognized it.
Edit: HMCS Discovery is the building btw.

I sent a PM to CCDynamo, who guessed MiG’s last puzzle telling him that it was his/her turn to post something. He/she was unaware. I laid out the guidelines, but I can only assume that a puzzle is being searched for.

Isn’t this Deadman’s Island, as in the building is not in the aerial photo.


Hah, I knew CS2 was worth installing.

CCdynamo was trying to post another game the other day but the pictures weren’t working.

HMCS Discovery it is. The island is considered a ‘ship’. Warned you it was easy.