Where is this? #31


Where is this?

Hint: Involves something living

Okay let’s start with the obvious…is this cliff within the borders of a predominantly English-speaking country?

This is Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Alberta:


That was very easy.


Jeez… I was going to post that right after I saw the picture… but I thought “Nah, that’d be too easy.”

Guess I was wrong.

well, i knew someone out there would get it for sure. I should have not given a hint though.

Even without the hint, I knew it as soon as I saw the pic. I’ve been there and seen the place.

And also, the object of the game isn’t to post something that people can’t get but something that will put their minds at work to eventually solve the problem. Remember, this is purely for fun, the winner’s only perk is to choose the next picture. Which, I already did and will post later tonight.