Where is this #30

From what I’ve heard I don’t want to go there.

Creepy…is it a war zone?

No, it’s not a war zone, but had the potential for conflict.

Is your reasons for not “wanting to go there” have anything to do with the living conditions as a result of cataclysms, i.e. earthquake, cyclone…etc

Is it summer there right now?

No, it’s more to do with what they’ve said.

No. At 18:00, Feb. 13, it was 5°C in the general area.

Did they say in in English?


Well, when I was in Arkansas, the people were friendly.  It was the only state in the South where someone recognized the BC plates.

Now to figure out the exact place and reason…

What they said, was it related to racial stuff?

So it’s near Conway County, Arkansas, but I can’t figure out why.  But this is “Where is this” not “Why is this” :smile:

OK, Mig, you found it. It’s too silly not to say where it is. Great job. I added a few web sites showing the where…and why. I had to leave at least one highway in there as a hint.

“They say don’t go on Wolverton Mountain”. Turns out it’s a real place. Go figure.

associatedcontent.com/articl … tml?cat=33


OK Mig,  I want to know how you found out about Arkansas from a 5 degree temperature clue!!!

I got a good one ready to go if you don’t post one.

You can take my turn.

I knew it was The South, 'cause it looks a bit like a part of South Carolina I was looking at earlier.

I went to weather.com and found a temperature map of the US, found that only one state had 5 degrees exactly.  Then looked for a county line that looked like the one posted (horizontal), and the same mountain shapes.

I think it’s a logic and pattern recognition game more than anything :smile:

I tried to search for Oneal Road on Google Earth as you can see that name on the top right of the photo.

Yes, it is pattern recognition.  Have fun with the next one :wink:

I still can’t figure out how Grockle got Mig’s #26 picture.

Bletchley Park? I’m a geek, so have been to these places… And much easier when its kinda on your own turf :smile: